Sunday, September 11, 2016

Oriental Trading... for teachers!!

Okay.  Now, I have to admit.  I've really only shopped at Oriental Trading for party goodies for my home and for prizes at school.  When they asked me about wanting to try out their "Wish List" I was a little hesitant at first, because I wasn't so sure what I would be putting on it.

Well...  let me tell you.  Do you know that they have actual teacher resources now?!  School Girl Style inspiration decoration....  "Use it now" resources for classrooms?!  I am hooked!

As for the wish list....  I've started to create my list and will be adding things as the year goes by (since, well, I did just start... so I'm not quite in the routine of things yet)  What even better---I will share my wish list with my PARENTS at our Back to School night!  I can't tell you how many times I've gotten things for my own kids' birthday parties and didn't quite make that minimum requirement for free shipping....  If my kids' teachers would have a wish list, I could pop onto it and purchase something from it instead of just buying something extra that I REALLY did not need.

Here are some things that were on my wish list that Oriental Trading sent to me to try out!  Maybe it'll give you some inspiration for your year as well!

{Paint chip cards....  SOOOOO many uses for these!  From those "Shades of Meaning" standards, to even math facts....  This pack come with A LOT of cards!  That box was heavy!}

{Fun bookmarks for my students...  The noses pop out to hold the page!  What kid wouldn't love that?!}

{No Name magnetic clothes pins!!!!!!!!  Comes in a pack of 24.  While I hope that I don't need them all.......  I've already had to use 3 of them on the first 3 days of school}

{How cute are these shark counters....  These have endless possibilities as well!  I'll be using them to create a fun math center----details to come later!}

{Other Ways to Say.... cards.  They have these for different grades!  This will be PERFECT at our writing table!  And to also help with those "Shades of Meaning" standards too!}

{And, how perfect are these presidential posters?  Totally perfect for any time of the year, any grade... but I plan on doing some president teaching BEFORE the big election!  Make it relevant!}

{How SWEET are these cupcake duckies!  They are going to be perfect for my birthday cups this year!}

{This craft will be perfect for our "Fall" party!}

If you need more inspiration to go and start your Wish List on Oriental Trading...  Come check out my wish list!  I was given items to review, but I know I will be back to use the wish list feature.  (I already buy things from them all the time anyway!)  I highly recommend it!  What have you found that you need on Oriental Trading's site?!  Comment below!  I love finding new things/

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