Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Periscope for Teachers! #periscopeteachers

Well, if you haven't heard by now, you are probably having a wonderful summer, disconnected from the world.  I've jumped into the periscope world and am finding it really addicting.  I've even started to broadcast to some of you!

What it is:  It's a broadcasting social media app.  You can broadcast ideas and things to anyone in the world!  OR... if you aren't quite as adventurous... you can just comment and give love (AKA hearts) by tapping the screen while listening to a fellow teacher (or anyone).  It's a WONDERFUL way for teachers to connect around the world.  To collaborate and share ideas!  The best thing is that you DON'T HAVE TO HAVE A BLOG to participate!  I am in love with it, and am quite the introvert, until I'm comfortable around people... I had this app 1 day before I broadcasted out to the world!  I was even talking to about 100 people for one of them.  (not to mention the many people who watch replays!)  OH.MY.WORD!!!!!!

The downside to it is that the broadcasts only stay up for 24 hours for replays....  so you have to watch fast!  (there are ways to record, but I'm not going into details here... google it and you will find the easy ways) ;)

Come find me here:

{user name is @rulintheroost;  you can view this periscope for another 15 hours or so}

Now, I even worked with a few other teachers Third Grade from the Edge and Cooking Up Success and we started a Periscope Teacher Challenge, to get teachers to jump on board and get their feet wet with periscope.  If you haven't done one yet, I'm not challenging YOU to do it!  You can save the following image to your instagram account, if you have one---and then tag 3 teacher friends to do the same after you!  I never created a hashtag before, and now there are over 80 posts, 2 days into it!  (and many other who took the challenge but didn't post it on IG)

Since that took off, I didn't want it to end there.  Now we are going to have a monthly #periscopeteacherchallenge that we will also tag the phrase #teachertiptuesdayS and also tag it to our instagrams so that we know when to watch.  (don't forget to add that S at the end so we have these together!  Doesn't have to be a capital letter though)

Here are the detail for the rest of July.  You are challenged to periscope 2-3 tips about "rebooting" in the summer and getting ready for the next school year.  {I know there are only 2 tuesdays left in July, so it will be a quick on}  On any Tuesday (or any day really), periscope your tips.  Post the image on your IG account, if you have one, and just keep it brief to what you were talking about.  Make the people come watch you!  But, having the image will also help others remember what you talked about once your broadcast is gone.....

I thought about making it weekly, but let's face it... once school starts, I don't think it will be something you will want to be doing every day or even every week!  And by posting them Tuesdays, we'll know when to look for ideas!

 I hope that you'll be up for the challenge!  This is such a unique way for educators to come together for the better of our kids!  Here are some hashtags to look for:  #periscopeteachers #periscope4teachers #periscopechallenge #periscopeteacherchallenge

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Rockin' Around the Clock... Teaching Time with Riddles?!

This past week the #tptsellerchallenge was to upload a masterpiece.  Thankfully, with my crazy, chaotic house this summer, this was something I had started already this past year, but hasn't been officially ready for TPT.  {A LOT of work goes into just getting it ready to share with you... since your brains aren't quite like mine to understand it!}  I want to thank the lovely Shana over at Mrs. Groom's Room for being my editor!

I am so excited to share this with you today.  I hate teaching time.  There.  I said it.  So, what I hate most about time---correcting it!  It takes me so much longer to correct time worksheets and practice than others because you have to pay close attention to details.  I started a few activities for other skills (that aren't uploaded yet, but will!) that made my life so much easier and students were so much more engaged and forced to practice!

I present you with Rockin' Around the Clock.

I created worksheets/recording sheets for students to practice telling time for each skill of hour/half hour, quarter hours and five minute intervals.  ( That sounds exciting doesn't it!?  :P  Here's the best part.  It's pretty much a self correcting practice!  Each activity has a riddle (about time, of course!).  Students write or draw hands on clock on their recording sheet.  Then they will get up and walk around the room to find the answers!  BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!  Each answer has a corresponding letter.  Students will write the letter they see at the place on their worksheet that has that time (or clock).  After they find all of their answers, they write the letters to make words at the bottom of their worksheet.  I quickly check it (basically looking at their letters at the bottom, since I'm also walking around making sure no one is just writing answers or copying---which I NEVER had.  We talked about how it's all a secret!).  Students then put it in their folders or cubbies FLIPPED over so no one can see their answers.  {This packet has SEVEN activities/riddles for kids to have fun completing!!!!!!}

Students will walk around the room to find these cards.  Their recording sheet will require them to draw the hands to match their digital time first---these cards will be what they search for to find the letter needed.  {and there are some that have students finding the digital time, but this one matches the picture I was able to take}

I cannot put in words how excited the kids were each day to do these activities.  They were really bummed when the unit was over.  I wish I could show you pictures of their cute faces doing the activities, but I'm not allowed.  You will have to take my word on it---I PROMISE you this packet will be a life saver and so much fun.

Keep an eye out for more activities like this.  I have some already started for other math skills and plan on adding more for the first half of the year, since I missed the first half last year!

-the rest of this packet has memory match game for each skill (hour/half hour;  quarter hours; and five minute intervals) and 2 extra practice worksheets for each skill, that you could use for homework, practice or even assessments.

Click {HERE} to see it in my TPT store!  If you'd like to win a copy here, leave me a comment telling me what you like to spend your TIME on during the summer!  I'll choose a winner by Sunday!  

Check out my FB page and Instagram for more chances to win it!

Do you want to try it before you buy it?!  Click here for one activity to try before you buy!  This riddle/activity practices students drawing of hands to match the phrases "quarter of/till; quarter after/past"

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Dare to Dream #tptsellerchallenge Week 2

TPT has been such a blessing to me already.  I started out putting my things up just so I could buy cute clip art to make things for my classroom.  While, that is still always my goal (to cover the cost of things I buy for the product), I now have additional goals since that one is usually reached pretty quickly.

1.  Family.  Without TPT, I'm pretty sure we could be a 4 person house.  TPT gives us extra money each month to help cover an additional kiddo in daycare....  1 more year of paying for 2 in daycare (my middle is going to K next year, but it's only half day around here... and half daycare care costs just about the same as a full day!).  We choose to send our kids to a daycare center for our own beliefs.  The center we use is just FABULOUS!  My middle child gets Spanish classes and also Physical education.  They are incredible with the arts (both art and music).  Because of TPT, I'm able to continue that.  While that is currently happening, it's still a goal that I have to reach.  We also like to give our kids life experiences as well and like to travel to different places.  We've been to Disney World countless times already (and we're heading there this summer as well), since I've started with TPT (a goal to pay for the trip), but I'd also like to start saving some money to go to places much further away than 2 hours on a plane....  Hawaii, Europe, Caribbean...  This will only happen with the littlest little gets a little bigger.  ha!

2.  School.  I want to be able to provide things in my classroom that isn't covered by my tiny budget (which I know isn't tiny compared to many, many places).   In addition to money----my goal is to continue to stay positive and focused on the students because of TPT.  When I get feedback that others use my things and how their admins love it too....  There's nothing that can top that feeling.  Things aren't as great in education these days and to get that kind of feedback just brings such a smile and happiness to my life.  Being able to help others be the best teacher they can brings such joy.  I can't wait to get back on the TPTing this year now that I've had 1/2 a year in my new grade!  I have quite a few things started that I'm excited about.  I just need to find some time to finish them---which is hard with so many littles running around this summer....  especially the BOY kind!  ha!

3.  Beach House.  Oh, how I would love to have my own place at the beach.  Now, while I'd just about die if I could ever afford those ones RIGHT on the beach....  I'd settle with any that is within 10 minutes of driving to the beach.  We love Delaware beaches, and head there every summer.  I've been going there since I've been a baby.  We used to have a family reunion camping trip every year there.  It was the best time of my life.  I do not feel completely relaxed till I can be there in the summer.  But, to be able to not worry about where to stay, when to go or if we have enough funds....  To pick up and go one weekend (that we don't have sports!) just because... and eat that bad yummy food!!!

I'm so thankful for TPT and the opportunities that it has brought me.  Thanks for sticking with me and reading!  XOXO

Friday, June 19, 2015

Common Core Checklists

Well, hello!  It's been quite some time since I've had a second to post.  Life is quite different with 3 boys!

This is the earliest summer break I've had in quite a few years.  I just finished my first week off.  Summer vacation hasn't really hit me yet.

This post is going to be about a few products that I've redone.  If you are like me, I need to have things printed out for me to make sure I'm doing what I'm supposed to do.  Sure, we have curriculum that we follow but we don't have programs.  I LOVE that.  I love that I can be more creative and selective in my teaching, but it's also quite draining. (reason 1056 of why I haven't had enough time to blog)  Even we did have a program to follow, there were still times that we needed to differentiate. I needed those standards printed out to make sure that I was covering them, and I didn't need them all jumbled up from the state (or country).  I've joined up with many fabulous new and old bloggers/TPTers for the #tptsellerchallenge.  This week was #makeovermadness and we were challenged to revise an old pack.  I decided to tackle these first.  Keep reading..

So, a few years ago when we jumped ship to the Common Core standards (well, not completely--cause my state had to rename and renumber them.... however they are essentially the same.  They eliminated a few standards but for the most part-the CCSS are the same as my state... it might be the same for others).  At the time we grouped kids homogeneously---even in first grade!  I had the high kids, so I knew I couldn't just follow our regular curriculum.  That's when I decided to make the checklists that I have out now.  Only.... they looked like this:

Click {HERE} to read all about it when I first uploaded them and to see what they looked like.

That was back when I first started making and creating on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I bought the clip art, but used freebies for everything else.  And, well... let's face it.  When you see my revisions with items that I've paid for (fonts, borders...) you notice quite the difference!  I am in LOVE with the new revisions, to the point where I may come back to using these next year.  (I've been using my owl ones instead...   but, these are more colorful)  Click on the pictures to see them in my TPT store.



Now, for GRADES 1-2, not only do they include the printable, but if you have PowerPoint, you can document electronically.  (other grades will be coming soon, I just need to find more time!) Unfortunately, at this time, I do not have a way for you to edit and add your own.... but, I may soon!  Make sure you are following me to find out if that happens! :)

****I'm still working on getting the K-6 bundle updated.  It will be done by the end of the weekend {fingers crossed}

Monday, March 23, 2015

Instagram for the classroom

This past summer when I met up with some of the PA bloggers for lunch, one of the fabulous bloggers, Mr. First Grade, was telling us about how he set up an instagram account for his classroom. Well, since I didn't really start the year till now, I couldn't start this till now.

Gotta say, it's SO much easier than writing out newsletters each week-which I can't keep up with.  And for those of you that do, you.are.amazing!  With all that my district requires for lesson planning, data, etc... plus my "party of 5" at home...  It just doesn't work for me.

I downloaded the app to my iPad.  (it is an iPhone app though, so it's not the "best" looking app on the iPad, but it works just the same!)  I set up our class as a private user.  Only parents will have access and I ask them to email me their user name, if it's something that doesn't let me know who they are.  I just love the privacy!

I just snap various pictures with the iPad throughout the day.  Somedays it's one (maybe none!) others it's a lot!  I upload a pic or 2 (or 3) after school.  Parents get to see us in action.  I spent maybe 5 minutes or less letting them in on the awesomeness that goes on in our classroom.

Here is an example from last month:

*of course, there are those who don't have it.  I don't do anything different for those parents.  As much as I'd love to find a way to include all, you just can't with this.  I'm confident that in the coming years, more parents will have an instagram account than now---AND I'll be able to show them all about it at Back to School Night next year, since I will NOT be out on maternity leave again during that time! ;)  Pictures tell a thousand words....  who wouldn't want to possibly see their babies in action while they are out!

*also, I toyed with the idea of Facebook, but I'm just not a fan with how they change privacy stuff all the time... and my school has it blocked.  Instagram is simple and not blocked.  Something I may consider is setting up a class account for Facebook JUST for pictures from Instagram to be posted there as well.... but, honestly-I just like the simplicity of Instagram to tell our story.

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