Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Back to School Teacher Letter-GAME CHANGER!

So, I KNOW you have all seen the adorable teacher letters out there.  Especially those that have the QR codes where you read to the kids (whether it's a story, or the letter itself).  I tried to do those in the past few years, but JUST couldn't get the technology to work for me (or find the time to figure it out).

Well.  That was BEFORE I started using Seesaw!  Now-it's easy peasy!

First, type up your letter.  Create your own, download someone's freebie.  I don't currently have my particular letter anywhere to use.  I'm sure you could make your own-maybe even cuter?!

Step 2-Save it as a PDF.  I make everything in PowerPoint.  Go to File>Print>Save as PDF.  Make sure you know where it is saved.

Step 3-go to Seesaw.  Now, if you don't have a new class set up yet, start your new class.  Add one student to it (and add the rest later).

Step 4-Click on the GREEN + sign and add your file.  Once it is there, click the checkmark.

Step 5-Then you have an opportunity to record yourself reading it.  Do it!  Listen to make sure it's okay!  I had to make a few edits to mine.

Step 6-Keep clicking the checkmarks until it is uploaded.  Don't tag anyone.  Just upload with no one marked.

Step 7-click on the 3 dots at the bottom right of the picture of your letter.  (...)  It will give you an option to GET QR CODE for item.  Do this!  {It will open a new tab in your browser}

Step 8-Save your QR as an image---or I just have my PowerPoint screen open and DRAG the QR over to the letter.  Click on the QR to adjust the size.  {If you saved it as an image-find it and add it to your Powerpoint letter, then click and resize.}

Step 9-Save the PowerPoint again as a PDF-OR you could just print from there.  If you save as a PDF, open the PDF and print!

Step 10-copy and send home!  Thanks Seesaw for a great app to use in our classrooms!


  1. Angie, When I saw your blog title on Bloglovin' I thought to myself, "She should just use Seesaw!" and that is exactly what you did! Excellent explanation and step-by-step directions! Now I can try this on my beloved Seesaw!

  2. Angie, Just wanted you to know that I shared a link to this post with the Seesaw Facebook group. Again, great post!

  3. This is great! Is your letter template available on Teachers Pay Teachers?


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