Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year, New Blog

Call me crazy, but this is my THIRD blog to write and keep up with!  I have a personal blog, which I have not kept up with very well this year....  And a blog to my parents--which is actually 3 different blogs as this year is much different at my school.  We are grouping our first graders by ability.  So I have a homeroom, a reading group and a math group.  Overall, I see 30 students, which isn't really that bad.  Keeping them up to date is a challenge, but I am finding my way.

I have had some persuasion from my friends and coworkers to join the "Teachers Pay Teachers" to sell and give away my things that I make in my classroom, and I have given in to them :P  Now, I can add that madness to my crazy school life and my crazy home life, complete with a 5 3/4 (as he would tell you) and a 20 month old--both boys.  ALLLLLLL boy.  And both complete Momma's Boys, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I love the cuddles and love I get from them every day and know that it will all go by too quickly and I will miss those days.

Another thing about me is that I LOVE math.  I create things for math all the time.  I turn everything into games.  My kids just love coming to me, most days, because they think they just play! :)  Along with one other first grade teacher in my district, I rewrote our Math Curriculum this summer to the National Common Core Standards.  I love how there are "less" things to look at---but the skills are DEEPER!  A lot of the things that we are teaching that are "harder" skills, we do not have a lot of resources yet to use, so I am finding myself creating games and worksheets to go along with it.  Here's my very first game that I uploaded, for free ----------> Penguin True/False Equations  I hope that you can use it in your room and that it works well!  :)  I created a giant unit of Penguin Math items that I just put on TPT as well.  If you like the True/False Equations, I am sure that the rest of the games will work well for you as well.  You can find that here--->Common Core Penguin Math Games

Thanks for visiting!  And I hope to have the blog fully up-and-running soon! 

Here is a Word Sort that I'm having my kids do this week during word work time of the daily 5. Click here:  Hot and Cold O Word Sort  There are 2 different versions to use and 1 could be turned into a game if you wish.  Like I said, I turn everything into a game! :)

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