Friday, March 9, 2012

A New Look & Rainbow Adjectives

I'm the type of person that JUST has to figure things out on my own.  Blogging to you, is quite new to me.  I wasn't happy with how things were looking, nor could I find anything that I liked----so I started googling and looking for ways to make it more appealing, and also JUST a little bit different than others.  So, for now, I'm mixing a few different things with a header that I created myself.  :)  I think this blog will forever be a "Work-in-Progress."  :)

Next week we will review adjectives-specifically with color adjectives.  I figured I'd tie in the rainbow with it, since St. Patrick's Day is next weekend (not to mention my oldest's birthday party that I'm frantically planning and making things for!!!)  I had the idea, but had to figure out how to make it the easiest way possible.  When you download it, keep it in the EXACT order and the EXACT way it prints out.  Every other page will be upside down.  This is very important.  Once it printed, copy it double sided.  Then, you will be able to layer it and fold over to make a pretty cool flip book.  Under each flap, have the students write a sentence using the color adjective.  I am going to make sure my students write a sentence that does NOT say "The ball is red."  But instead, model and get them to write saying something like "The red ball bounces high."  I created 2 different versions for you.  The first one already has the color printed.  The second one will be black and white, so that students can color in the word/box (and also save ink---plus the indigo printed out a little bit off for me...)

Don't forget to follow me so you don't miss out on freebies and ideas!  I'm still loving all the "love" from your emails and comments :)  It's amazing that there are so many different people from ALL over the world checking this blog out.  Thank you!  I love getting ideas and inspiration from others too-which is what makes this blogging "era" absolutely wonderful!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and week!  I'm going to be working on my soon-to-be 6-year-old's Angry Bird party!  Which involves me making 60 pom pom red birds and 40 green pom pom pigs... and trying out my new found crafty-ness inspired from Pinterest and am also making some cute angry bird magnets (well, they are cute in my head---we'll see what happens to the final product) and will also be requesting the assistance of a certain 5 year old to make his "non-edible" birthday (non)treat for his friends in Kindergarten.  (Melting more crayons, but molding into a football shape) :)    (Then, I have 1 month to plan my soon-to-be 2-year old's party!  That's right-my kids are EXACTLY a month apart--March 15th and April 15th!)

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  1. cute idea! Would love to see pics of your accomplishments with the Angry Birds! :) Don't you love what we do for our kids' parties? My 5 yr old's party last September was "Tangled," so we made everything - stick horses (horse race) to "pin the nose on Flynn Rider"! :) Hope all goes well!

    Chrissy/Adventures in Second Grade

    1. I'll see what I can snap pics of, if it's picture-worthy! :) I love the party planning and making stuff, though, this year I'm doing SO much more because I refused to buy Angry Bird things because of the cost! Your Tangled party sounds like it was awesome! We have "destination" parties for at least our March birthday because some years it snows and others it's nice... So I don't need to come up with games, but kinda wish that I could this year for this party.... ~"Destination" as in-somewhere other than my house where there's room for almost 20 (that's about 95% boys) kids 7 and under!~ I don't think my house would survive that. lol

  2. Thanks for ANOTHER great product Angela! My kids are Jan and Feb...right after Christmas! I understand about CRAZY birthdays!!!! Hope it goes well and thanks again!!!! Always love checking your blog!
    Amy Burton

    1. Thanks again! :) OMGosh! Jan and Feb would be a bit crazy! lol Makes for a long year before it all begins again :) I sometimes wish that my kids birthdays were a little more spread out---but it is kinda cool that they are both on the 15th. :) (and one was 4 weeks early and the other was 6 days late!) Hubby's birthday is in December and mine is Feb... so, we call it "birthday season" from December-April. hee hee :P

  3. I love the rainbow adjectives. I am starting a unit on adjectives with my kinders an this will be perfect!

    I too was getting tired of my blog look and I changed it. I am not to techy so I paid someone to do mine for me and I am so happy with the finished product. She was very affordable at only 35 dollars for a custom design. When you have time I would love for you to come check it out at

    Pocket Full of Kinders

    Ms. Patterson

  4. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! This was wonderful! I love it was so easy to copy and put together. Thanks so much!!

  5. This is cute! Thank you for sharing! We are going to be playing a math game next week called Race to the Rainbow so this fits right in! =)

    Come grab that *freebie* and more. I am already a follower and found you again through the linky party! =)

    Heather's Heart

  6. thanks Heather! I'm going to print that out later (our printer isn't working at school....) :( I thought I was following you, but I wasn't! I am now!! :P


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