Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More camping...

I really think I have A.D.D. like many kiddos out there...  I can't keep my thoughts on track and get anything done!  When I come up with an idea-I run with it.  In the process, many other ideas pop in there too....  I think that's why I don't sleep.  I used to L.O.V.E. sleeping.  Now-I can't.  Of course, my 2 kids have trained me well for no sleeping.  :)  My first one slept through the night at around 4 weeks---BUT he was an EARLY riser... I'm talking 5am...  5am in the summer makes a day DRAG.  Once he turned 3, I bought him a clock and he learned the numbers 7:00.  He was not allowed out if it said anything other than 7:xx.  Now he's 6 and can tell time beautifully! ;P  (I also had some bribes in there that if he did sleep past that, he wouldn't have to take a nap, etc..)  My second son.... didn't sleep through the night till he was around18-20 months!   AND he still is up often at 26 months... ugh.

See-I'm off track!  lol  I was thinking more about our upcoming camping day and how I'm going to lay the day out.  I have lots of "paper" activities that I'm using that they'll keep in a camp "log" (just a folded construction paper folder-nothing fancy).  We were cleaning out my 6 year old's desk this weekend and I found his s'more that he made in preschool.  It was 2 cardboard box squares, black construction paper and a bunch of cotton balls.  We are totally doing that since we are not allowed to have food in school at. all.  My teammate is also making toilet paper tube binoculars.  If I get enough of those we will too.  She's having her kiddos paint them, I am in L.O.V.E. with duck tape!  We are going to make fashionable binoculars with the duck tape I bought that we made mother's day pens with!  (which I realize I did not share those beauties!!).  Then we'll take a stroll outside to "look" at nature. 

In the midst of thinking about all that, I realized I need a little movement in the morning and I thought back to my "Leap Day" activity where the kiddos jumped from letter to letter to spell words.  And that's where my "Campfire Hop" was born!  It's the same concept as the Leap Day activity, only the word is obviously "campfires."  I'm going to play it off as they need to spell the words quickly because they don't want to burn their feet!  They will play in teams and only record on one paper together.  I'll set the timer for 5-10 minutes, depending on how well they are doing/not doing...  and then we'll compare our words at the end!  Click on the picture below to grab yourself a copy!  (it's on my TPT store because of licensing)

(I was in the middle of making my September Math games when this popped in my head...  so I'm headed back to working on that now!)  Thanks for sticking with me!  Hope you can use this activity!

Here's my Camping IN packet that you can find on TPT if you are looking for more things to go with it.  I like to think that my games and activities are fun but also still very educational and engaging! ;)  I'm not sure how this group of firsties will do with just cleaning and doing things that are out of our "routine" during the last week which is why I have more structured things we'll be doing.


  1. Thanks for sharing your camping ideas & activity!! Super cute!!

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. Thanks! I am working on Olympics for this end-of-year activities...but next year CAMPING! So, until then, I'll be anxiously awaiting to use this.

  3. These look great!! I have a camping freebie on my blog. We do something called camp learned a lot at the end of the year!


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