Thursday, October 4, 2012

Making Number Combinations

Hi all!  I seem to be having more math related posts lately than anything else.  I think it's because I have more of a handle on Math this year than LA.  We also switch our kids for LA and Math--and LA just started a few weeks ago versus Math before that.

Here's a little activity that I did with my kids this past week when we were working with number combinations.  Now, I know that many of you may be past this stage now because you start well before me!  But, maybe it can be something you can use next year or for additional work with those little ones that may need more practice! :)

Read Make Way for Ducklings----the ducks have 8 ducklings in the story.

My students used this book to create duck ponds for the 8 ducks.  Ducks can be on the pond or off the pond---but there always had to be 8 ducks!

First, I had them find the different combinations for 8 using their red and yellow chips. 

After I checked to make sure they didn't have any repeats-I gave them the book.  (you'll want to copy 9 pages of the "word" pages since there are 9 ways to make 8)  Then they used their table to draw their duck ponds, filling in the data as they worked.

The kids had a great time with this, and it got them away from using the chips and addition signs for the entire hour of math.  Adding the book, was a bonus too :)   {I always tell my math kids that "math is everywhere!"}

Click on the picture below to grab yourself a copy!


  1. Wow! Great idea! This is exactly where we are in math. A million thanks!
    An Open Door

  2. Cute idea for making number combinations!

  3. So glad I found your blog on The Hand on Teacher and the product swap posts! I om off to look around some more, but LOVE your candy corn vertical addition activity:)

    I am your newest follower!

    1. oops! I did not mean to include the pinterest link! Although it does go to Miss Stanford's Class Giveaway:)

      The Resourceful Apple

  4. Thanks so much. This is awesome.


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