Thursday, November 1, 2012

Election WEEK!

I am SO excited about next week.  I am kinda a government nerd.  In fact, if I didn't go for Early Childhood/Elementary Ed in college, I was going to go for Social Studies.  I had such an awesome Government teacher in high school (Hi, Mr. Groff, if you're out there!!!) that I fell in love.  Now, of course, I HATE the dirty politics and mean stuff.....  BUT I love the process.  I can't wait to take my 6 year old with me to vote this year.  He's finally old enough to go with me.  (I would have never trusted him to wait and be patient the last time when he was 2)

Next week, along with my centers that I made for Election Week (they can also be done during President's Day time too) I have planned to use Duck for President.  Doreen Cronin had me at Click Clack MOO!  and this book is just one more absolute favorite.

I am super excited about what I created that my coworkers are just as excited for next week too!  Here's a snapshot of what's included:
{Click on the picture above to see it at my TPT store!}

There are 5 different comprehension/response pages---1 for each day!  My absolute favorite is the worksheets for Character traits!  There are 3 different worksheets for working with Proper Nouns.  I have a ballot for students to vote for Farmer Brown or for Duck for president, along with one of my tally sheets and graphing and analyzing sheets that we'll do together.

I also have writing worksheets that include a "can, has, is" organizer for each Duck and Farmer Brown.  There's a Venn Diagram to compare the 2.  I also have a web, writing and poster page for students to web ideas on why Farmer Brown should be president, or duck OR THEMSELVES!  (get segway to persuasive writing---another CCSS!)

I think though, besides the character traits worksheets, that my absolute fave from the packet are my vocabulary cards!  They turned out sooooooooo good!  I'm not sure if I'll keep them as a whole page or if I'll copy them at half the size....  decisions, decisions....

I wanted to leave you with a good freebie today---so I created another dice roll game for kids to play that go along with the book too!  I have 4 different game boards.  3 practice doubles (1 of those is actually doubles +1) and the last one has no directions so you can have kids play it however you wish! :)

Click on the picture to take you to my TPT store to download it!  If you like it, don't forget to following me on TPT to know when I put more freebies up on there!!  :)


  1. I'm the same as you! My first year of teaching was 2008-2009 and I got so pumped up to teach about the election that year. The excitement only built coming up on this year! We started covering elections this week and will continue it next week. Enjoy your Election Week!

  2. I used this book my 2nd year of teaching and loved it! I am planning on using it again for this election and just purchased it from your TPT store. I can't wait to add your activities to what I have! I am a new follower!
    Crazy About First Grade


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