Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Looking ahead and Grinch Day

I, like most of you, have had such a rough time with the news of the tragedy.  My thoughts and prayers are most definitely in the Sandy Hook community.  We have practiced intruder drills for the past 5 years now, but we revisited it again yesterday-and my hiding spot most definitely moved.  It was chilling to realize the time frame of the whole event... and that if it were at my school, he would have made it to my room---and I would be that teacher....  It's good to go through things and look at how things will be different.  Safer.  But, it is definitely in the back of my mind when my littles are not in my room!  I realized my closet door does not lock---which they are now looking into.  Only a handful of my kiddos knew about it, so I kept things brief.  We were told to address it with our kids Monday morning.  Since little knew, I just stressed how I love them all and that I will keep them safe and that they knew the procedures for the different drills...  Then on to the pre-holiday chaos that only first graders know how to BRING.  ugh.  How was your Monday back?

 I also wanted to mention that I finished my Tacky the Penguin unit that also focuses on researching penguins!  I just ADORE Tacky.  Love reading him each year.  I also am quite fond of the little black and white cuteness too---combining them was easy and fun.  I plan on doing this with my kids when we get back in January.  Maybe for the first 2-3 weeks, depending on old man winter and what he has in store!  ;)  I am even planning (and have a parent letter in the packet) for a 'Tacky Day!'  I can't wait!  I will beat those winter blues this year!  ;)

So, tomorrow is our first grade Grinch Day.  I thought I would share something that I created for math for my kids to work on.  They are my word problems that have them also WRITE their thinking/process.  Because we aren't allowed to sell things "Grinch" I'm offering it here for free--till I'm not allowed to use that word here!  ;)  Click on the picture to grab yourself a freebie.   (and if you can't use it this year----save it for next year!)

Sorry for not keeping this short and sweet!  I hope you have a wonderful holiday break filled with family and relaxation!  3 more days to go for me! 


  1. Love the Grinch Story Problems. Tacky is one of my favorites. I'm heading over to TpT to put your packet on my list. I'm just like you, rethinking my safety plans and needing to give my little ones extra hugs. Thanks!

  2. did them with my class today.... it went really well... thanks for your great thinking and your kind sharing!!


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