Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Math Review Freebie

I don't have class pics of this yet, but wanted to post it for all of you last minute planners (like myself).

Easy prep math fun!  Print out the math slips 1-10 on the first page 11-20 on the second.  Copy the recording sheet (double sided).  Cut and place the slips into eggs and hide in room, or have in a basket.  Students can work in pairs, groups, independently.  It can be a competition or not!  Click {HERE} to grab your freebie!

Oh!  and I wanted to share that the family whom I'm donating my proceeds to (for the fallen officer-read more here)  Lyndsey had her baby today, Brad Jr.  Mom and baby are doing well. Thanks again for all of your support too!  I can't wait to give them a donation to their family.  (And-just to clarify, I do NOT know this family at all.  I only have heard things through a friend on Facebook--of course!)  Article about the birth {HERE}.

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  1. Exactly the practice that my littles need right now! Thanks for another great FREEBIE! I am your newest follower-happy to have found you through the Easter Freebie Linky at Elementary Matters.
    Visit More Than Math by Mo


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