Saturday, December 7, 2013

Short and Sweet.. and another freebie! {POLAR EXPRESS!}

I've been super exhausted this month.  {and not to mentioned stressed about everything!}  'tis the season!  ha ha!

I've been searching for something that I could use on our Polar Express Day, but have been coming up empty handed.  YES there are SO many wonderful packets on TPT.  I would LOVE to have the time to do what in half of them... but alas, we do one day with it.  We read the book and watch the movie as a grade level on the last day before school is out for the holidays.  (TIP-we do our holiday parties/celebrations the day BEFORE the last day so we aren't having to clean up after school--not to mention have that chaotic feeling of getting everyone out on time because the party is running late...)

So, naturally, I can't use what most of the packets have out there.  I created a quick and simple packet full of retelling activities, comparison, a word search and I thought I would have the kids web about their favorite parts of the book and movie.  When they return in January, I'm going to have them write a persuasive essay about whether they think we should skip the book and just watch the movie or skip the movie and just read the book.
{These are just a few of the pages to give you a sample}
I also have 2 pages of "tickets" to give kids before the day.  We like to copy onto yellow/golden cardstock and punch the tickets with a festive hole punch.  (I think we have a tree)

You can snatch all this up if you are a Facebook fan.  I felt like I needed to thank my fans again, as well as have something timely up there.  Click HERE to head to my FB page!  You can only "see" it if you click "like" and then you'll be able to click on my "For Fans Only" tab at the top of my page!


  1. The Polar Express is my favorite book!! When I taught second grade, we did a Polar Express day. Each teacher had a different station in their classroom and the students moved from room to room (like a train) and got their ticket stamped in each room. So fun!

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple

  2. Very cute! Thank you for sharing! We plan our last two days the same way so there's not a lot of time for us either!


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