Sunday, May 20, 2012


So, what do you do with your kiddies on that last home stretch of a week before school lets out?  We are doing a lot of new things this year, which puts our last week of school a little "different" too.  First, we switch our firsties for Reading and Math blocks.  Our last day with those kiddos will be June 1st.  We will then have our homerooms till June 11th.....  So, we've decided to have "theme" days to get us through that last long week-where they are officially checked out anyway.  :P

Monday-we'll have Beach Day---which is just a fancy word for Field Day.  Our school doesn't do a traditional all school field day, so pretty much each grade does their own, if they want.  We have parents help and then also invite parents for lunch, outside.  In the afternoon we watch Finding Nemo.  We used to make "sand" with some gummy sharks hiding inside, but we are no longer allowed to give food to the kids.  period.  By the way-if you need a tool to help organize/get parents to help and/or RSVP----check out SIGNUPGENIUS.COM!  FREE!  So easy to use.  I highly recommend it.  We used it many times this year.  It's just PERFECT!

Tuesday-we are going camping!  I made up a packet to go along with this day.  First, I'm going to transform my room.  I have no camping gear, so everything will be made of paper!  I'll post pics after we have the day.  I'm going to make a tent cover my rug, where we'll sit and listen to stories.  This "tent" will start at the ceiling (attaching it to the ceiling somehow---clothespins possibly, and taping it to the floor---I'll use brown.  It'll be open in the front and back.  So---for you visuals.... umm... it'll be an upside down V)  I'll have paper "campfires" at each of my groups.  I have 5 tables that go around the rug, that is in the center of my room.  I created a packet that I will put up on TPT.  It includes writing, reading and math activities that will fill your day of camping fun.

Wednesday-I have a meeting all day----so I'll have a sub!!!!  AHHH!  It's going to be our Charlotte's Web Day.  Hopefully I will finish the book before that day!!!!!

Thursday-is our Bear day where we have the kids come to school with their bears.  We break up the classes into there 2nd grade classes and they go from class to class with bear activities.  I usually do jump rope.  Not sure if I'll do that again or not this year.

Friday---is our Step Up Day.  We meet our new kids for next year.  Afterwards is a game of volleyball--teachers vs. 6th graders.  We'll be working on our memory books on this day.

The following Monday---is their last day!  We have them for about 3 hours, so we'll continue to work on the memory books and clean up the last bits we need to.

What do you do during your last week of school??  Maybe there's a linky out there for it already!  I might need to search.

Click on the picture to grab a freebie from my bear unit!  It'll take you to my TpT store where it is listed.  You'll need to click "download preview" for the actual freebie!  (I cannot do it on my blog.)

Tell me what you like to do during your last week in the comments below and I'll randomly give away 2 packets to those who post by Wednesday!  I want to reward my followers, so please make sure you are a follower in order to win!  Have a great week friends!


  1. We have a summer themed week the last week of school. One day we do a watermelon day, the next day we have an ice cream day, the following day is a beach day, then our end of the year party, and a camping day the last day. I would love this cute packet! :) I am already a follower.
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. Cute ideas!
    We have spirit week as a school and I like to do a bunch of review games with my kids on the last week! My last week starts tomorrow! Yippee!

  3. I do a big baseball unit! I'm a big baseball fan and the boys get a KICK out of it! It incorporates a ton of non-fiction, which is hard to get the kids excited about! To make the girls just as happy...our "research", final first grade story and needs/wants posters for certain sports can be on ANY athlete/sport! The kids are digging it and they are still learning! I also have sports themed math bins out too!
    Amy Burton

  4. This year the end of the year really snuck up on us. Thursday was our last day!!! So, we were really boring and didn't do anything extraordinary, but I will definitely use your ideas for next year. Sounds like so much fun!!!
    Jenny B
    Funtastic Fun in First Grade

  5. I try to do a "talent" show the last morning of school. Everyone has to do something...which leaves me time to finish up all those odds and ends. And the kids love it! ("Talent" is wide open for interpretation; you could teach the class how to draw something, make a craft, whatever!)

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  6. The last week of school is usually when we do a lot of arts and crafts and cleaning.


  7. I'm a follower!
    The last week of school we have a school-wide play day. In my classroom, on the very last day, we have a pajama party complete with rainbow toast, movie, popcorn, games and I even bring in the wii for some fun on the smartboard!

  8. The last week of school we have a theme day. This year we had:

    flip flop & sunglasses day - cooled off with ice cream sundaes
    field day (school wide enjoyed a morning of rotating at different stations)
    game day (students brought games from home)
    movie day (watched movie and enjoyed popcorn)

  9. I love signupgenius, too. We did ABC themed activities the last 26 days of school. For A, we made paper airplanes, flew them, and measured the distance. For B, we had a bubble day. It was a lot of fun!



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