Friday, July 19, 2013

Happily Ever After-A Fairy Tale Unit

Hi all!  This post has been in the making since May.  I just have not had it in me to finish the packet that I'm going to show you, nor could I find the time to get the amazingly cute pics loaded from my week!!!!  This summer is flying by, and I know many of you are getting ready to head back already!  We only got out mid June... so we have till the last week of August yet before heading back for some PD.  Make sure you read the the end of this! ;)

I LOVE Fairy Tales.  It's something that I always read growing up.  Maybe it's because I always wanted to be rescued by a handsome prince... or live in a castle with all those dresses and shoes?!  ha!  However, it's something I didn't do very well in my classroom.  Till now anyway! :)  (Still incredibly thankful for TPT!!!)

We spent the week looking at different Fairy Tales (Might I add, there were a few munchkins that did NOT know some of the stories I took for granted that they did?!)  The first day we read a familiar one--Cinderella.  We talked about all the different things that the book had that other stories did not have.  We displayed the posters.

Then we completed a "checklist" worksheet (it's what I called it, though it isn't really a checklist, but it's things to look and see if a book had!)

The rest of the week was similar.  We completed the checklist for each book, gradually getting to the point where they completed it independently.

We created some fun things with some of the books. 

 {Checklist we did for each}

 {WANTED posters we completed at the end of the unit}

 {What would be at the top of your beanstalk?}

Fairy Godfather applications:  (forgot to take a pic of the godmothers!)

 Wolf Research:

I just uploaded this packet to TPT.

Here's what you'll get:

{The packet also has math integrated into it---which I didn't take pics of, but you can see the sheets in this picture}:

Leave me a comment and I'll give this packet away to a few random people!  I'll pick Sunday night!  GO! Congrats #1 and 11 for being my random numbers generated--I'm emailing you now! :)  (PS-don't forget to click and follow this lil blog on bloglovin'!)


  1. This packet is seriously adorable! Love the Would You Make a Good Fairy Godmother one! I used to do a fairytale unit with the sixth grades, and like you, I was surprised how many of them were not familiar with the classics. Unless, of course, Disney had a movie of it...

    WOuld love to win a copy...fingers crossed!

    tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

  2. What a great idea for a unit. I especially love the checklist and the police report. I know my kiddos would love to do some of your activities.

  3. Again, you continue to spark our imagination! Your materials could be in a teacher's store!

  4. These activities are awesome! Thank you for sharing.

  5. We did Fairy Tales at the end of last year and the kiddos were SO ENGAGED!!! I think it was their favorite thing allll year! This would be an awesome addition to that unit, looks great!

  6. Fairy Tales is one of my favorite units to teach! You've come up with some really creative ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I have seen a lot of fairy tales units, but the 9-1-1 is so unique! Love it!

  8. Love them! The check of list it's smart. I also love the wanted posters! Ok, pretty much, I love it all! Thanks!

  9. Love them! The check of list it's smart. I also love the wanted posters! Ok, pretty much, I love it all! Thanks!

  10. Such fabulous ideas! I love the wanted posters! The kiddos would go crazy over them!
    The Polished Teacher

  11. This packet looks amazing! It would be perfect for my 2nd graders because we study fairy tales!

  12. Oh my goodness ~ this is awesome!!!! My first graders would absolutely love it. Love the wanted posters and fairy Godmother applications. Just too cute. Hoping to be picked!
    First Grade Carousel

  13. Your packet looks fantastic! I know my class would enjoy the activities too!

  14. I'm a second grade teacher and we do a fairy tales unit every year! This looks like an amazing resource!

  15. Looks fabulous! Its the perfect way to integrate reading, language arts and math:) It amazes me the number of children who have never heard these stories.

    The Resourceful Apple

  16. I loved fairy tales as a child! Still do!!!!!

    Your packet looks wonderful.

  17. This is so cute! I love the integration you already have in place within this unit, too!

  18. This looks so cute! Love all of the curriculum connections you've done--great job! I would love to win this!

  19. Love the packet! It will go great with my fairy tale study at the beginning of the year.

  20. I ended my year with fairy tales as well. I would love to add your ideas to my own. Hope I win!

  21. Awww, I want to teach little kids again! I seem to be the expert at half finishing packs at the moment - I must get a few more finished!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  22. Love your fairy tale packet! Looks like a great way to end the school year - would love to win a copy!


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