Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Organization-Math Common Core

I thought I'd take time to show you how I organize my math stations and math teaching materials.  Back when we taught by chapters with a Math Program, I had binders where I placed all kinds of worksheets/activities inside to go with each chapter.  I labeled them by what chapter and skill and how many days to spend on it.

{The second picture is of the binders in a box at home, not on my shelf at school.  I brought them home to organize this summer!}

Gone are those days!  I have decided to move away from "chapters" especially since we are on our THIRD program in the past 11 years.  (2 in the past 3 years..)  I've decided to create Standards Binders.  Math was easier to create, partially because I was one of the teachers who helped align our curriculum to the new CCSSs (I guess they aren't really new anymore, right?!) and math is my strong point.  {Next year we move to our "new" LA curriculum, but I can't really create binders to go with those...  We will be teaching "themes" so I will be creating ways to organize things by themes.  I'll post more on that another day, when I know I can wrap my head around it better.  I taught by themes this past year, as you know by what I've been posting and also creating.}

The binders are pretty simple right now.  (I have updated the font since last year)  I'm still dividing up my old binders and sorting them into the new ones.  In each binder, I plan to have dividers and organize them by standard, as best as I can.

As I find things, I will put it in a pile to file right into my binder.  {I WILL DO IT RIGHT AWAY!  okay.  hopefully that will help me remember that since I usually end up with a bazillion papers to file at the end of the year...} In the front of each, I have the standards for each domain.  (From my checklists)

My stations are pretty simple as well.  Since they are "themed" right now (By the way, I do plan on having some newer non-themed ones to go along with the standards---to use ANY time of the year... I just have to find the "just right clip art" if you know what I mean!  Feel free to comment below on what you'd like to see!!!)  My stations are designed to print, laminate, cut and go.  I store them all in ziplock bags.  When they are done every 2 weeks, I put them ALL into ONE gallon sized ziplock baggie and pace them in a magazine file.  {I do the same with my literacy stations too---and put them in the SAME magazine holder-so they stay together.}  My masters are just stored on my computer.  Less papers, ya know!  You can do the same, whether you bought from me or anyone.  Teachers Pay Teachers allows you to have access to what you bought forever!  Saves room on your computer.  Saves time trying to find the right file.  PERFECT!
 {Baggies containing all of my stations.  Inside each bag are other baggies with each game/station}

 {Front row of magazine holders.  Labels coming soon!  This year was spent organizing to how I like it--now I can label!}

 {Back row-I can fit 2 rows on my shelves}

 {They are tucked behind laminated poster boards that I use for displays!  You'd never know they were there!}

I am putting my binder covers and spines in this post for you to have for free.  WARNING.  I made these last year, when I wasn't so savvy (not that I am yet either...) but they take forever to print.  MAKE SURE TO PRINT AS IMAGE FOR FASTEST PRINTING! (once you click the print button, click on the "advanced" tab and find "print as image" This works for at least macs.  Not sure about PC's)   I'll try to work out the bugs.  My spines just wouldn't go into my binder either.... hopefully you'll have more luck.  I think it was the binders I bought.  They are small enough when I print them here!  So, I just laminated them and taped them on my binder.  Still looks cute ;)


Click on your grade level to to grab your freebie:  KINDERGARTEN   FIRST/SECOND  THIRD/FOURTH/FIFTH  SIXTH

They kind of match my Common Core Standards ChecklistsLeave a comment below with what grade you teach and I will pick a winner (or 2) to give a free Common Core Checklist of your choice!  I'll choose a random winner tomorrow night! Congrats to numbers 3 and 11.  I've emailed you!!  Check your emails! :)


  1. Thanks for the freebie. Really great ideas. I need them!!


  2. Thanks for the freebie!! I teach 1st grade.


  3. I like how you organize your stations. I was in my classroom today trying all sorts of ways to find a rhyme or reason to my station organization! I may try it your way! Love the freebie too!

    1st Grade

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    1. I am a 4th grade teacher and also struggle with filing my papers immediately. Your covers will help me get started as I sit looking at all these papers I am trying to file. LOL!

  5. Love the polka dots! I teach 1st grade :)

    Ann Webb

  6. I am a third grade teacher. These look absolutely great. I am in the process of creating my own binders and look forward to using these awesome looking binder covers!

  7. This will be a great way to organize - as a resource teacher of grades K-5 I am always looking for ways to organize so that I can find things as I need them.


  8. Spending my summer organizing too! Would LOVE first grade! wendy 1stgradefireworks@gmail.com 1stgradefireworks

  9. Thanks for the freebie! I can't wait to use them for my Kinders!


  10. Ok, were you reading my To Do List? :-) These are perfect for what I am trying to do! rose.wenzel@abvm.org

  11. These are awesome! Next year I am teaching a 4/5 combo class. Yay! Thanks for the great binder covers!


  12. These are so cute! I can't wait to use them! :)

  13. Thanks for the freebie! I can't wait to get all my math stuff organized!!!

  14. Thanks for the freebie! I'm glad I found your site!


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