Monday, September 2, 2013

Making Student Connections Monday

Hi everyone!  This week I'm sharing another idea for making connections Monday!  Read about my first post {HERE}

I know a LOT about my students.  And it's not from the time I talk to them.  Let's face it.  Talking to 21 first graders to get to know them would take all day!  I get to know my students through writing!  And not "required" writing.  This is through the writing done at the writing table during the Daily 5/station time and/or during free time.  I do not correct the pages, but I do read through them.  I've learned all kinds of things from them.  From one student not being afraid of Zombies (remember the talk of the Zombie apocolpse?!) to their mom never having another baby, but possibly adopting a child from China.  They LOVE when I write back to them on the page (when I have time) or when I bring up something they wrote.

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Link up if you have any good ideas on how you make connections with students!

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  1. Can't wait to hear what other ideas are shared! Connecting with students is a top priority this year for me!



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