Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Literature Circles in Primary--Interactive Notebook Style!

Hi there!  I have finally finished a product for my classroom that I had been working on for MONTHS.  Many of you already have used my Literature Circles for Primary kids (both story and informational).  I LOVED doing this with my higher and average first graders.  Yes, FIRST graders!  It's amazing to watch them take charge of their reading and their group.  Read about it {HERE}

One thing I could not stand was the prep work.  Of course I love to make all my products easy to use and very minimal prep... because I make these packets for my classroom and me--first!  Time is precious.  Interactive notebooks are quite the buzz words right now, so I thought I would combine the 2, and came up with a new, easier way to run these groups!

I present to you:  Circle Up!  Primary Literature Circles---Interactive Notebook Style!

Prep work--each student will need a spiral notebook.  You will need a folder or a way to store worksheets for students to grab.  I prefer the folder option.  These will be stored in a magazine organizer/box thing.  On the front will be a laminated example of what their page will look like when they complete it in their notebooks.  If you want students to wear name tags of their jobs, I have that covered too!  This is a pic of my other packet's job names:

This is an updated version for these! {Sorry-tilt head sideways.... I couldn't get this to stay correct...}

That's it!  No creating packets for each book and group, and figuring out how many jobs everyone will have....

You will prepare by having groups made and select books.  But, you can change jobs as you want-and all the students will do is go to their folder and get the paper (or papers) they would need to complete their job!  ALL of the book groups they complete will be done in the SAME notebook!  What you decide to do with the books that are done are up to you.  I prefer to keep them all in there, so that at the end of the year, they will have a great keepsake of their READING.

Check out my packet in my Teachers Pay Teachers store now!  This will definitely be a pack that my second graders will EAT up!  CLICK HERE to see it!

Here are some pics of the inside pages:

**I will be completing a nonfiction companion pack as well as creating this for upper elementary, with more "mature" job role names---in the near future!  Keep an eye out!  Follow me on TPT to get notified (or I will also post on Facebook!).


  1. Angie-I love the clever titles for their roles. How do you keep everyone on task and completing their roles with thoroughness and responsiveness?

    1. When I first introduce these, I introduce the roles as a whole group. We read a picture book together and then we all complete a specific page/role together. We go over what it would look like, etc. With this specific version, I would just have them glue to blank paper.

      Then, when they are ready for group----I have them do it WITH me the first time. (I just sit there and monitor and jump in when needed) After that initial meeting, I have a few groups go together on a day (I staggered them-others were at the daily 5 stations) and I do not meet with anyone. I walk around, I sometimes sit at a table and "look" busy-so they don't always rely on me jumping in or coming to me for help, etc.

      I also check their work when they are done---either right away or later in the day, I'll peek into their folders (notebooks in this case).

      Thanks for the question! I'll make a more thorough blog post in the near future... If I can get some pictures.. It's hard not being in the classroom right now for that reason.


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