Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Progress and a Fabulous FIT giveaway!

Hi everyone!  Me again.  I just wanted to pop on and tell you that I have just finished and uploaded my new Primary Literature Circles for INFORMATIONAL books---INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK style! Click HERE to read about these.  I will have a new blog post about how I introduce these in the near future. {psssst!  Keep reading after checking out some pictures}  Here are a few pics of the pages inside.

 Besides getting these packets done, I've also started back running.  I haven't run in over a year due to injuries last year, then an awful COLD snowy winter... then I was preggo with my huge baby...  But, I wanted to share how much I LOVE my jogging stroller.  It's a MUST HAVE for any mommy, but especially a working, teacher mommy!  I have to admit, I have that mommy guilt.  After school, I rush home to be with my babies.  (well, they aren't all babies anymore-ha!)  When do I find time for myself???  Well, it's hard.  Not going to lie.  BUT, since I've had this awesome jogging stroller, we find time together going on walks, runs, bike and scooter rides!  This stroller is a DREAM to push.  Baby C loves it too.  I can keep up with my 8 year old on his bike, and my 4 year old on his scooter.  We can go through corn mazes with ease.  :P  BUT, best of all.  We can exercise together--by being together!  I can be back out running, not missing the kids.  {Of course, there's nothing wrong with just taking out the little one to escape the madness of the other 2, some times!}

Here's some pics of the stroller with some pretty cute models, if I don't say so myself! ;)

 {This is the type of road we run on}

{Such a smooth ride---puts him to sleep every time!} 

{Happy baby!  PS-always strap your child in strollers and things... we were just sitting and taking pics in the driveway here}

Little bits about the stroller---tires are "air filled" tires--so this is why it is SO incredibly easy to push in any terrain.

If you have a Chicco keyfit infant carseat, you can snap it right in and go!  The handles are adjustable, so for those of you with long legs like mine, you won't be kicking the wheels EVER!  There's a parent tray at the top that fits your phone, a bottle/sippy and a water bottle for yourself.  (as well as has storage underneath--where I keep a few diapers and wipes, JUST in case... ;)  It folds super easy, and can be done while one handed (and holding the baby in the other hand).  And the canopy.  Let's talk about that!  It's amazing!  It has a zipper so you can extend it--to almost completely cover your child, or you can zip it back up and it is more "normal" like others.

 {Canopy also covers the infant seat too, but I didn't get a picture of that for you.  But once your child is out of that seat, or able to sit up, this is perfect.  The canopy goes so far down, that people might not bother your SLEEPING child, if you are out and about!} ;)

 {My 4 year old--not the best pic, but he fits fine in there!}

Now I have some pretty AMAZING news!  I have a stroller to GIVE AWAY to help you start (or continue) to get fit and spend time with your little one!!!!!  You read that right!  This stroller is perfect for any mommy at any stage of baby-hood.  My 4 year old and I ran a 5k using it.  He's probably nearing the end of stroller riding, but he fits comfortably, and it's not too bad to push (well, it's definitely much easier than carrying him!)
{We decked out the stroller for the Glow Run!  It was also a costume run, which is why he's a Doctor!}

This AMAZING giveaway will run through Sunday, November 23rd at midnight.  You don't have to have a little baby to win!  You could be pregnant, or have a friend who needs something like this!  What a Christmas present that would be!  Let's get fit!

Check out the Rafflecopter for your chances to win!!!!!

This is the one you'll win! (you can click on the picture to go to their website to read more technical info about it)

**Continental USA residents only... sorry!**

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. What an amazing stroller! Your little ones are sooo cute! Thanks for the giveaway and honest review (I've never heard of this brand before).

  2. Such an awesome! Thanks! Your little ones are absolutely beautiful!! Enjoy these years...they go way too fast. I had boys, too....loved being mom to three boys! God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving! :)


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