Thursday, March 22, 2012

Earth Day

A few weeks ago, we had an in-service and were going over the Common Core standards for Literacy.  I'm a little less knowledgeable with those, as I am not on the committee to redo our LA curriculum, like I was on the Math.  We got into a discussion on how to meet the Speaking and Listening Standards, which are new to us to assess.  The topic of Show and Tell came up-which, we haven't done in YEARS because of the time frame, and well-it took away time from "other" things we had to cover.

Show and Tell covers MANY, if not all-depending on how you would run it, standards.  My grade partners and I decided we wanted to re-institute Show and Tell this year, but have it more focused.   Next year our goal is to have 2 kids share a day-which will give them about 2 times a month to bring something in.  We do actually have kids do show and tell at the end of the year where they incorporate their Step Up To Writing techniques---but we'll definitely need to do MORE next year.  We are *thinking* of having themed or content related show and tells for each month... 

Next month we are going to have our students create something at home that is recycled.  My son just did this at his Kindergarten enrichment (fancy word for-where he goes after his half day of kindergarten) :P  They had a little art show where all of the rooms (it's a daycare too) created art that was "recycled" in some form or another.  He painted over a cereal box and made it into a picture frame.  In the middle of it was a drawing of himself (self-portrait).

We are going to have our kids fill out a short form to help them when it comes time to "present" their art next month.  We will be planning on having students ask questions too-to cover that standard!  :)  The standards that could possibly be met through this are:  SL.1.1, SL.1.2, SL.1.3 and SL.1.6

Click on the picture to grab yourself the letter and worksheet that we are going to have our kids take home to complete!  We are going to send it home next week-to give them a good amount of time to complete it.  (I have one with the dates filled in and from The First Grade Teachers, and I also have one with blank lines for you to write in the dates of when you would have your students bring it in)  (NOTE:  Download again, if you downloaded it before 12:12pm EST....  I corrected a mistake on the kid paper....)

Oh---also, I wanted to add that I am currently working (and almost finished) with an addition to my literature circle packet!  This will include roles for INFORMATIONAL texts!!!!  (now, I just need to find some good informational books to use them with......)  Click on the picture to see my Literature Circle packet (for primary kiddos!).
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