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So, I'm planning for next week, which canNOT come fast enough!  Every year we have done the story Rechenka's Eggs (if you've never read this book, it is a great story.  Click on the pic below to take you to Amazon to read about it.

After we read this book, we have students decorate hard boiled eggs (that we asked them to bring in).  Each kid brings in 2, that way if one happens to break, there's usually extras.  The students use CRAYONS to decorate their eggs any way that they would like.  Once they are done, they choose a color to dye it.  The eggs turn out SO beautiful!  We started doing this a few years ago, and since then, it is what I do with my own children at home now.  (There's also a Reading Rainbow for Rechenka's Eggs that we watch too that actually shows Patricia Polanco designing eggs like the story-minus the goose of course).  Here are a few pics of my HOME eggs from last year.  They are kinda hard to see in the carton, but a few you can see.  The crayon color comes out so bright after being dyed!

Since we are having a 4 day week, I decided to make the theme "Eggs."  Thursday morning we will read Rechenka and decorate the eggs.  One other book I will be using is called The Perfect Nest.  I just absolutely LOVE this book.  If you haven't read this one, you definitely should check it out!  (Click on the pic to see about it!)
Other possibilities are:  Horton Hatches the Egg and Easter Eggs Everywhere.  I'm still looking for additional ones since the ones noted above are so wonderful.  :)

I quick whipped up some recording sheets to use next week.  3 are for reading responses and the last page is a writing activity for How to Find the Perfect Hiding Spot.  The "Read All About It" page is a page that I have included in my Literature Circles packet that is posted on TpT.

And about that!  I have finished my INFORMATIONAL book groups packet!  This packet will also have role cards and worksheets for the grouping.  Of course, I designed it with the Common Core Standards by my side, since we lack books to actually use.  I wrote a grant to get some books, so we'll see if I can get some for next year!  :)  I'm very excited to use it with my kids.  They have been doing a great job with the Book Groups from my story packet.  I have actually added a few things to the file on TpT for it---so if you have already purchased it before this past Tuesday, go back and download it again!!!  Click on the picture to read more about the informational book packet!

Back to the freebies!  Click on the pictures below to grab a copy of the recording sheets that I have made up for next week.  Graphics are from From the Pond and the 3AM Teacher.  Sorry that this pic is sideways.... 

Thanks for reading and stopping by!  I can't believe that I'm close to 100 followers!  W.O.W.!  I think something special will definitely have to happen when I reach 100!  Make sure to follow so you don't miss it! :)


  1. Love this book! Thanks for sharing =)

  2. Thank you for sharing the retelling sheets. I love this book as well.

  3. Such cute ideas! Thanks for sharing. I'm having my first giveaway at Elementary Adventure and would love for you to stop by! :)


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