Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Week

Wow, was that ever a LONG but short week?!  This is what I accomplished somehow this week.

*My entire plans and copies for next week.  The hubs is going out of town COUNTRY for the entire week, leaving Sunday morning...  Which means I'm on drop off duty and pick up duty ALL week.  (He's usually drop off since he goes to work MUCH later than I do.  My school starts at 7:50...)

*Cleaned most of my room because it was our yearly Superintendent visit for the day..... sidebar here----she was in and talking to my kiddos and asked one student to tell her what she was learning in my class-----my lovely, spirited kiddo told her, "No." ?!?!?!?!?!?!   sigh.......  She then walked out.  Guess she'll be remembering my room!  :/

*Wrote 2 complete grants for our district educational foundation grants that they give out each year.  Plus I'm 9/10 of the way through a third one that is for my team.

*Finished making party favors for my son's birthday BIRDday party.  Finished gathering the rest of the supplies that I needed to get too....

*Fit in a haircut for the little bird, which was a nightmare.  He's now at the stage of screaming hysterically, like we're really cutting his head off.......  ugh.  I remember going through that with my big bird.........

I know that there's more that I did, because as I felt it was a TON of work, once I put it out there on the blog--I guess it didn't seem like THAT much??  We had such a beautiful day for my son's party Saturday.  He had an Angry Bird theme that I just loved getting into the crafty spirit for.  Funny how different the weather is each year.  We had to postpone his 1st birthday party because of snow!  Today-it couldn't have been any better!  I can say that it definitely has me itching for summer!  (The swimming at his party today-indoors of course-didn't help the cause!)

I don't have anything free for ya this week since i was a bit preoccupied last week.  Here's some pics from my room:

An example of my students' work with their story problems.  I've now encouraged them to write what they did and also add "because" into their sentences.  For that reason, I'm a little behind on creating April story problems because I want to rework the template a little to add more room for writing, since they are getting better at showing work in other ways.  I will most definitely be working on these this week so I can get them copied for April, which is right around the corner!!   This is the packet I'm using now------> March Story Problems

Working on their Math "drawers"  I allow students to work anywhere in the room-except they may not be next to someone else with the same game (helps eliminate lost pieces...).  I have drawers that I use instead of "tubs" and have 3 sets of games in each drawer along with recording sheets.  The students' names are on the drawer for them to know where to go.  Each day I move their names down.

Sorry for the sideways picture... i tried to fix it.  I'll try again tomorrow.  This is the "drawers" that I use for the math games.  I do not have fancy name tags for this.  It's just names written on cut index cards.  Each day the names just get moved down one drawer (or to the top if they are at the bottom spot)  Students come to this activity after I teach a lesson and they complete any work that is required for the lesson.  They usually have about 20 minutes to complete.  Once they finish, I have random math games that they play with others who are finished.

Here is a pic of the favors i made for my son's party:  i forgot to get a pic of the magnets...... and there were no extras :(  (I did NOT make the slingshot!!)  :P

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  1. Congratulations on accomplishing so much!

    I'm tired just reading about it!

    First Grade Delight


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