Monday, November 5, 2012

Election/Presidential Freebies

Okay--I know this is REALLY last minute.  Maybe it can help out someone out there for something this week... or it could be something you save for when you teach about the president/government.

I found this great book from scholastic (but I see from searching for a picture that you can get it from Amazon):
It's a cute book that shows real kids and tells about the different qualities the president has (should have??)

This week I am having my kids write how they are each of those traits (after reading the book and listing the qualities on chart paper (with a few reminders of what that trait is).  Check out what they've done so far!!

 {At school I'm respectful because I listen to the teacher.}

 {At ballet class, I say sorry if I bump into a ballerina at ballet class.}

 {I never give up doing soccer in my backyard.}

Click on the picture below to grab yourself a copy.  At the bottom of the first page, I have "Vote for me in 2041!  (Boy does that make me feel just old!!!!)  I'll try to add a few extra pages with other years...  I'll put it at the end of the packet.

  {BEWARE!  ;)  Now that I have your attention---I seem to have "respectful" in the file twice.... not sure how that happened cause it wasn't there when I printed it out to use today!  I think my computer is playing tricks on me this week!  I'll fix it soon-----just make sure you notice it before making copies!  Sorry!}

The rest of our week we are doing lots of Duck for President activities.  The kids are SO excited about everything!  (as am I!!!)

Don't forget to enter my 500 Follower Feast!  Lots of goodies up for grabs---ends Thursday night at midnight!!!!  I have the rafflecopter below for you! :)  (click the big picture to go the post about it-to see what goodies you could win!!!)

Don't forget to vote tomorrow!  I'm taking my 6 year old with me and he thinks it is just the neatest thing!  It's like Christmas or something for him!  ha!

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  1. Adorable! And thanks for doing the math for me about when they'll be president. :)

    You Might Be a First Grader...

  2. I love it!!!Wow...2041 :) ditto Miss Cosby

  3. 2041... I will be really old!!!

  4. Love it that someone else out there is last minute like me, lol! We'll be reading that book in the morning! Thanks so much for the fab activity to go with it! We held our mock election today after reading Grace for President. Thanks, again!

    Mrs. Dwyer’s A+ Firsties

  5. In my files for next year!Thank you very much! Love your stuff :)

  6. You rock! Super helpful, thank you.


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