Saturday, November 24, 2012

Get your fingers ready! TPT Sale!

Well, I'm sure you have ALL heard about the BIG cyber Monday PLUS TUESDAY TPT sale!  I will have everything in my lil store 20% off.  It's a great time to stock up on things---get everything you need to get you through the next few weeks, and then some!

I am now officially AHEAD of the game!  WOOHOO!  (well, just need to make copies)

Next week I'll be doing this unit--we just had career day before turkey day---and I REALLY didn't want to start Christmas things y.e.t.    We'll be reading a few books that have a "community helper" as a character-then spend a day researching different careers!  I didn't quite realize how many books our school library had on jobs!  (even if they are o.l.d.)

Then I'll be spending a week researching and reading about Hibernation!  I JUST uploaded this fun unit!

I have activities in it to go along with the book Bear Snores On and included some Verb tense activities for past and present verbs:
And I also have a bunch of research pages too, for students to research different animals that hibernate!  (who knew there were so many different ones!  lol  I didn't even realize that some hibernated till I started gathering books to work on my plans!)

I'll be having my kiddos work through these centers/stations/whatever we're allowed to call them now...

OR---Get them both here:  {Bundled Version}

Here's a recent big seller, that's one of my oldies for Place Value:

And, just to let you know.  I bundled ALL of my monthly story problems in ONE packet!  You can find it here (click on the picture):

I'm working on bundling the "extras" and will have them available shortly.  I need to work on a few extra special days first.  ;)

Last, this one is one of my coworkers favorite packets-and it can be quite useful as those kiddies start to travel this time of year!

As always, thanks so much for your feedback and comments!  Hope you have a great week and I'll have a F.U.N. new math game to post soon!  (just need to find some models to use to show it in pictures!  Maybe my 6 and 2 year old??)

Here's an oldie but goodie FREEBIE for you to use in the coming weeks:
Click on the pic to download; Read more about it HERE

I JUST ADDED A NEW PACKET TO TPT TONIGHT!  If you enjoyed the Tic-Tac-Toe choice board above, I created a Christmas themed one---that includes all the materials you would need to use it for the next few weeks of school before Christmas!  Click on the picture to read more.  {Hopefully TPT is working properly for you to see it---it's running slower tonight-probably people filling up their carts and wishlists like me!}


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