Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Celebrate Reading Across the Curriculum

This week and next, is a huge time for celebrating reading.  Anyone who teaches in the primary grades can tell you who is the most popular, but I will not.  I had some fantastic games made last year--they were my second ones to ever create since this huge venture.  It has since been deactivated due to copyright issues and not being able to even say a name...  or names... or character names.

Since they were perfectly good games, I gave them a recent wacky make over.  Check them out {LIT} and {MATH}.

If you have already purchased these, I wouldn't run out and buy these.  I did add a new game to the literacy pack, but since my old product was deactivated and deleted, I can't upload them to the old files....

I also gave my popular freebie of last year a makeover, so you can resume downloading!  My kids are enjoying last year's version as I have not printed this out and laminated it---but it's the same thing, just without the banned clip art ;)  Students will spin for tens and ones to make numbers.  Click on the picture to download your freebie!

Last, please make sure to check out my post about my Sentence Writing Boot Camp!  The proceeds from this packet are being donated to a family who had a tragedy hit them back in September.  Read about it here.  Click on the picture for more info!  (I am very thankful for those of you who have already purchased it!  So far we are up to a little over $50 to donate.  Every little bit counts---and is helpful)  XOXOXO

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