Saturday, February 2, 2013

Heathy Foods and a Sale!

First---I have to share this picture of my own precious first grader.  He had to decorate his own Valentine bag at home... and well, my kiddos at school make penguin bags (which I'll have to share next week-cause we haven't made them yet this year to get a pic)  Our bags are black though.  And not a gift bag size.  J has been learning about penguins too---so naturally, I helped him decide to make his bag a penguin, instead of being all hearts and love---cause really--as much as he loves his momma---he is a boy.  who is 6.  who now thinks kissing is gross.  lol  (pardon the instagram filters---i was playing around with them again)

Next, I wanted to share a fun activity that I did with the kids.  I don't have a freebie for it, but it is in my packet Order Up! where you can find at my TPT store.  We've been spending a lot of time talking about healthy foods and food groups.  It always amazes me how some students just don't know their foods. 

It was a lesson on the fly, in a way.  I had planned on doing my activity out of the pack where students had to find food for customers.  I have clues on customer cards and food choices on other cards.  You can do it without the food and also have kids draw pictures/write ideas too.  As I was getting ready for the lesson, I remembered the fabulous Kinesthetic Teaching in the Classroom weekend class I took a few years ago---and an idea popped in my head!  Instead of having the food choices on desks, I pretty much just threw them all over the floor.  (Note-I had 10 sets---so it literally was my whole floor!  haha!)  I had kids work with a partner, and each had a number.  I would read the clue and then a number (1 or 2) Then the students would SILENTLY go find it.  After they were all back with their partners, THEN they could talk to each other to make sure they got the right food choice.  If not, the person in charge had to head back out to find what they needed.  Then, we discussed what the customer wanted and they drew and labeled it on their worksheet.

My challenging class was AMAZING!  You could have heard a pin drop!  And, it reminded me about how I love moving around and getting kids up.  It's something that is often forgotten with the daily grind... and I'm not talking about getting up and moving to different centers.  Moving WHILE learning is so much more meaningful.  It's also good for the brain and learning.

 {Middle of my class---there were more in the front and back sections}

 {Ready, set, go!  Looking for their customer's food!}

 {Recording their answers!}

This activity wasn't written in my packet, yet---that is, till I can have a chance to update and upload it...  I wanted to share how much fun they had! You could easily do this by just writing food choices on cards and throwing them everywhere in the room.  Just make sure you have enough copies of each card for the number of groups you want to be searching.  Otherwise you'll end up with racing, diving and other crazy things so they can get it first!  ;)

Also-I wanted to let you know that I'm participating in this weekend's TPT sale!  Everything will be 20% off and if you use the code: SUPER  you will get an additional 10% off!  Click on the adorable button made by my new favorite Ashley Hughes to head to my store!  I'm definitely going to be making a dent in my wishlist this weekend! 

PS----don't forget to leave feedback for credits!  You can seriously make out people!  I've gotten a lot of goodies for free or discounted thanks to the credits!!!!!!!!!  :)

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