Saturday, February 9, 2013

Penguin Valentine Bags!

Here are the Valentine bags we make with our kids!

Click {HERE} to get the templates!  All you need is a black bag for each student--or you could just have them color white ones (as long as it's the ones that can be colored on---that aren't the shiny kind)  I realized I forgot to trace the heart for you.  They could make their own or you can provide some already made (from the diecut?!)  I had my kids trace their glue stick caps for the eyes---we have the fat ones.

Also-I just posted what I think is my new most favorite packet!  I found the most adorable borders from the Moffett Girls----and inspiration hit!  (actually, I've been planning on creating stuff for Click Clack Moo, but not at this very moment.)

Click {HERE} to read more!

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