Sunday, May 5, 2013

Aye, Caramba! Skippyjon Jones loco-ness!

So, I was struggling last week to decide what I was going to do this past week.  I mean, it's been nothing but non-stop laughs and fun in Reading and Math with the integration I have been doing.  Robert Munsch, Froggy, Knuffle Bunny, the PIGEON!  I didn't want to disappoint, but could NOT think of anything to save me.... till 8:00 SUNDAY NIGHT!

Skippyjon Jones!  I got all of the books waaay back at Kohls---well a few sets so I had some at home for my boys and some at school for my daytime kids.  Then I remembered that Cinco de Mayo was coming up (YAY for MAY!) and thought it would be a perfect fit!  (Not to mention that we are doing the Little Passports with our class with a grant I got last year--and this month we saved Mexico for--cause it made more sense with Cinco de Mayo)

The kids love the books---and are doing well with retelling and story maps, and shades of meaning (that I have added into the packet) BUT they LOVE learning the new Spanish words!  So, I've created little word cards that we are using in our pocket chart right now.  When we are done with Skippy this week, I may just turn some of them into a fun memory game!  The kids are going to go LOCO!  

I do not have any pictures of this unit in action yet...  We were mostly concerned about getting things prepared for our Open House last week---so my camera was the last thing I was remembering!  I'll post some as we finish it up this week.  I am looking forward to the math lesson I have in the pack--measuring with beans!  The goal of the worksheet/activity is that they will see that things will get different measurements when using different thing.  (I'm having them measure the same things with pinto AND black beans--so they are measuring twice)  I'm hoping that after this, they will come to the conclusion that we need something STANDARD to measure with to really know size.  (Or realize that is WHY we have rulers, etc.)

You can find my Skippito Pack-ito in my store at TPT or TN!

And in honor of Cinco de Mayo--my pack will be CINCO dollars today only till 10PM EST. 

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