Saturday, May 4, 2013

Pigeon Fever-part THREE!

So, this is a little late, as we have been done with the Pigeon in over a week.  Sorry about that!  We had our Spring Open House this week--so it's been quite a whirlwind!  Quick pic--last year, I just had heads of the kids at each seat.  This year I had them trace each other to have sitting at the seats!  I took their pics with my camera and printed it out.  They were quite adorable, and not to mention--that night they were the quietest I have EVER heard them!  ;)  ha!

This picture also reminds me---I've joined the Instagram Craze!  Come follow me here:

Now, back to the Pigeon.  Once last thing that we did that I just had to share.  After reading Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog, naturally, we measured with hot dogs!  (fake ones of course)  Since first grade math CCSS is measuring with non-standard units---it was a perfect fit!  I had them work in pairs.  They were SOOOO good!  (and I might add-we did this on the day of the FULL MOON!  I was sweating it, thinking about how it could have gone....)  I heard lots of giggles and teamwork.

I even had a few girls come up to me when they were done asking if there was anything else they could measure!  SO cute!

This activity is included in my Pigeon Finds a Packet on TPT and TN

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