Sunday, June 30, 2013

Currently (a day early)

I have been wanting to link up with Farley for the longest time, but life has always gotten in the way somehow.  I'm NOW starting!  {Fingers crossed that I can keep up!!!!!}

I am currently sitting in my bedroom, blog stalking, catching up on emails---listening to nothing but silence!  It is the only time, pretty much, during the week that I do not have a shadow or a second head (or in some cases, third).  My kids think I'm still sleeping, while the hubs keeps them occupied.  Of course, I can't sleep forever, and I'm pretty sure they'll be banging down my door in a few minutes... :)

I am IN.LOVE. with next year already.  As you may or may not have known, we have been switching our babies for both Reading and Math instruction for the past few years...  We'll still be switching, but have our "homeroom" for the majority of the day!!  We'll be able to carry over instruction to different parts of our day, instead of feeling rushed and choppy-not to mention LESS TRANSITIONS!!!  Oh, I am soooooooo overly excited about this!!!

M I C K E Y M O U S E we'll be driving to Disney this summer!  While, the 15 hour drive isn't ideal, my oldest will love driving through different states looking at things.  Reminds me... I should head to AAA to get some maps for HIM.  :)  Oh--found a great app for travelling!  Wazes is awesome.  Not only tells you how to get there, but also tells you where construction is, POLICE are, accidents are...  Can't wait to test it out on our long trip!
I'm wanting our annual beach trip to the beach we always go to... but it was given up for our trip to disney.  One day I will have saved enough money to buy a place there....  I'll probably be 90 and not like heat anymore though.... but it's a second home to me, for a week every year (almost) since I was a kid!  Maybe I can talk hubs into a day trip?!?!?  We'll eat like 6 times that day to get in all the food goodness all while soaking up the sun on the beach?!?!?  Looking for dolphins?!  Can anyone add a few extra hours onto the day, pretty please?!

I am desperately needing some cleaning or packing around here...  clothes are everywhere.  Toys are everywhere... Teaching things I brought home are everywhere...  End of the school year was a whirlwind---both at school and at home... figuratively and literally!  ha!

Tip:  Blog about your classroom and life.  Don't use your blog to solely sell products.  Show your classroom ideas and products WITH pictures!  I hate clicking on posts to just read an ad...  occasional ones are great!  But, with those, add pictures from your teaching to it.  Makes it more personable.  Of course, I'm not an expert blogger---it's just my thoughts!  {I also like reading personal things about bloggers from time to time---makes them feel more like a person you can connect to, rather than a robot-trying to sell something, etc.)

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I think I hear footsteps running up here---------Till next month,


  1. First of all I {{LOVE}} your blog name!!!! Too stinkin' cute! Secondly, your advice is spot on! I, too, love to read those 'personal' posts from fellow bloggers. You get to really know them and that's what blogging is really about after all, a community!

    Newest bloglovin follower!
    Beg, Borrow, Steal

  2. Stopping by from Farley's Currently! We just got back from our first Disneyland vacation after many years of visiting World. It was great! We love Disney in our house!

    Go Fourth! With Mrs. Owens

  3. Found you through Farley's Currently and am your newest follower! I lived in Orlando for the last 2 years and love Disney!!!

    A New Teacher's Journey

  4. Will you be heading to Disneyland or Disney World? I'm in CA so Disneyland is always a favorite vacation :)

    Teach on a Limb


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