Saturday, October 26, 2013

5 For Friday... on Saturday!

 Okay, I'm starting to find more time to get things done around here!  This is one linky I haven't been able to take enough pics of before now!  We started school much later than everyone, and up until this week, I have been singing Dory's song... "Just keep swimming..." cause it is STRESSFUL this year with all the EXTRAS to teaching that was thrown on us this year!

This one made me giggle this week.  Then, after I wrote my note at the bottom, I realized that what I wrote could TOTALLY be taken out of proportion too and I laughed harder!  So, I did add a little something in front.....  PARIS was what I was thinking.  Really!!!  lol

ugh.  My first ever "what I was wearing" picture.  It was RED day for Red Ribbon week.  AND, it was freezing.  Me and flats do not go well, because I have narrow heels.  But, I did pull these off for part of the day.  The other part was wearing boots--with HEELS!  (for the first time since spraining my ankle, on the first day of school...)  And it was a success! :)  Thanks to blogging and TPT, I have been able to update my wardrobe a bit.  Now, I just need to get back to running...

I have found a new obsession at lunchtime!  These are to die for!  I had to run out mid week to get some more.  It was the PERFECT mix of yogurt and chocolate (white--but still chocolate!) and of course crunchy graham crackers...  but it was SO much better than eating a gazillion peanut butter cups because of the stress!  ;)

Another reason my life has started to be less stressful----we started our math "drawers!"  My kids have been enjoying the math stations after our lesson---and they are so engaged and excited!  What thrills me the most is that this year, we do NOT group our kids homogeneously.  I have low to high mixed and they are ALL doing well with these!  (The past 2 years I have taught the high achieving math kids--so I was unsure how this was going to unfold this year!)

This was my classroom on Friday---3 minutes before the bell rang to start the day!  ALL are sitting.  ALL are working on my morning letter with morning work at the bottom.  And best of all--ALL are QUIET!!!!!  I love how I start my day---so much that it is one thing that I have NOT changed in the past 10 years of teaching!  My mornings are peaceful.  Never chaotic (unless the copier was broken and we don't have a message to work on)  You can read about these {HERE}

Don't forget to stop by my last post by Sunday night at 9 for a chance to win some FRIGHTFULLY FUN math and literacy activities to do this week!


  1. Hi Angie,
    What do your math 'drawers' entail and what kind of activities do you put in there?

    1. Hi!! My math "drawers" are where we keep my math games/stations/centers. I changes them every 2-3 weeks and they are seasonal (yet, are appropriate with where we are instructional-wise) You can see what my games/stations/centers have here: Math Stations


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