Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Frightfully Fun Hunts!!!!!!!!!

I've been doing a LOT of getting up and moving this year.  I like to put things on walls and have kids find them and do something with it.  We've done a few things in math and reading.  My kids just LOVE it.  They LOVE using clipboards.  They LOVE being out of their seats!  Here's some pictures of the fun:

 Well, rewind to the other night.  My son wasn't sleeping so well and kept me up half the night.  While trying to sleep, I came up with my best idea yet.  You know how the kids are so out of control... on a sugar high...  so enthusiastic this time of year????  I've decided that we'll be spending part of our day going on "hunts."  I'll probably start out with our "Ghost Hunt" where we'll turn out the lights and use flashlights!  But wait!  How am I going to get enough flashlights???  Well, I'm going to send a note home to ask parents to send them in!  We'll see what I can get for the week.  {Of course, you don't have to use these as "hunts," they could be used as centers}

Click on the pictures to check out the newest packets in my store!

Here's the preview of my math packet.  LA will be coming soon...

Need other things to use?  Check out my previous {math} freebies:

Click {HERE} to read about them and snag them at my older blog post!

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