Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Character or Setting? {A freebie! YAY!}

We started the year with a new idea for our Language Arts.  We are doing themes this year, which I just LOVE!

We started out the year with Kevin Henkes.  {More will be coming soon about that!  I have a packet created, it just needs the finishing "TPT" touches when I can find the time...}  I quickly realized that my kiddos were having a difficult time with the words "Character" and "Setting."

I whipped these up and the kids had a blast!  You can pick up a copy of these activities on the For Fans Only Tab on my FB page!


We group sorted picture cards.  I made a set for each table.  The kids had a great time discussing and working together.  It was the first "group" activity I had them do!

To assess all the learning, I created these cards to hang around the room.  The students got to use clipboards and go to each numbered card and circle whether it was Character or Setting.  They did such a fabulous job for their first time!  I think I only had a handful that were circling the same thing over and over, even though they were telling me the right answer!  lol

I actually created 20 cards.  We did 1-10 the first day.  On the back I copied my page for students to draw a character and draw a setting.

Here's a closeup of the worksheets:

The next week, I put up 11-20 and they walked around again circling.  They did a MUCH better job this time and were super speedy! :)

Click on the picture to go to my FB page to grab it!

Hope you enjoy it! :)


  1. I would love this for my first graders, but I am not on Facebook. Is there any chance you would e-mail it to me? Thank you so much!

  2. This is SO great! I am doing it tomorrow! My copies are printing and I'll laminate in the morning. Good thing I have a student intern to cut them apart while I do attendance and journals in the morning. :-)

  3. I tried to download it from the facebook page. It said too many people downloaded it? Any help?

    1. I just downloaded it without any trouble. I'm not sure why it wouldn't let you. It does say that there's no "preview" and are you sure you still want to download--and you should click "download anyway" and it should go right to your computer.

  4. I was unable to find this- I know I'm a year late, but is it still available as a freebie!? If so, I would love a copy emailed to me! Thanks! srothan46@gmail.com

    1. Go to my Facebook page. I think you may still need to "like" the page. On the left you will find a "Fans Only" tab under apps. (I do believe you need to do this from a desktop--not a mobile device-but not sure). Once you click that you will see the different freebies listed.

  5. Thanks for these cards! I'm a grade 1/2 teacher but tomorrow I'm off to teach main and subordinate clauses to grades 5/6. We're having a sentence race using your cards and some subordinate clause cards. Look forward to seeing how it goes...


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