Sunday, November 17, 2013

Best Pencil Sharpener in the WORLD!

Hi y'all!  So, I'm a teacher who has had an electric pencil sharpener in her room, that loves it...  Loves it so much, that I don't trust the kiddos to use it.... so my dilemma is that I am the one who has to sharpen pencils.... because I don't want them breaking the electric one!  (I used a big chunk of my budget many years ago---back when we got a decent amount...)

Well, who has time to sharpen pencils now, with all the other things we need to do in the classroom?!?!  NOT this girl!  So, I decided to try out the Classroom Friendly Supplies Pencil Sharpener when I saw that they made it in PINK!  SWOON!!!!!!!!

After I received it, I got it out right away and put it to use!  It was SO easy to use.  Kids were in love that they could actually sharpen their own pencils now, and I liked it because I could move it anywhere I wanted (if it happened to be in the way).  Those old crank sharpeners are limited to where they are "installed" and I'm one who moves my room around a lot!  My current crank installed one is now behind a construction paper shelf, so it's useless...

 {Before sharpening}

 {During---LOVE how it holds the pencil in for you!}

{Less than 20 seconds later!}

I highly recommend this product.  It is WELL worth the money!  (My own kids were playing with it at home before I took it in, and actually got me thinking that I may just need to buy one for home.  I mean, I ALWAYS have a kid at home telling me they have a pencil that needs sharpened.... and I HATE dislike those hand-held-get-pencil-shavings-all-over-my-carpet-and-anything-else sharpeners!!!  This would be perfect for homes too!  {Maybe not in pink for an all boy family.....} 

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  1. I love mine too! I wasn't sure how I would feel about kids sharpening all the live-long day, but it's so quiet and nice, I don't even mind! :-)

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