Friday, November 29, 2013

Kevin Henkes!

This post should have happened a LONG time ago.  I just finished up my Kevin Henkes packet, however we have been done with him since September!  We started off our year with a "friendship" theme, which is perfect for the beginning of a school year.  We spent some time reading Kevin Henkes books and talking about friendship.  I have to say I wasn't so good at remembering to take pictures during this time of year... so here's what I have to share!

 {My teammate made this lovely bulletin board with the project!}

We spent about 2 weeks with this unit.  The kids loved the books.  {This was also the time where I used my freebie to help kids learn what character and setting mean--as well as know the difference.  You can find that post HERE.}  My unit with the kids concluded with them picking their favorite book, creating a mouse to match and writing a retelling of that book.  (First, next, then and last)  Unfortunately, I am unable to find the picture examples of these right now...  I've looked on every camera I have!  I know it is somewhere!!

This packet also includes a fun beginner research packet about mice!  It is set up like the rest of my research packets and can be completed whole group, small group or even independently, depending on your classroom abilities!

This packet includes activities for these books:  Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse, Sheila Rae the Brave, Chrysanthemum, Chester's Way and Wemberly Worried (as well as a few generic graphic organizers to use other books you might have of his!)  If you'd like to check out my newest product with all the Kevin Henkes goodies---click on the picture below!

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