Wednesday, February 26, 2014

28% off?! Yes, please!!!

I'm so excited for TPT's big sale tomorrow.  I'm sure you've seen the buzz everywhere--but if you haven't, so sorry I'm late to the party!  We've got so much going on right now!

My store will be 20% off tomorrow and Friday (Feb 27-28)  Enter the promo code: TPT3 to get an additional 10% off!

I just uploaded a few goodies to my store, in time for the sale to save you some moolah.  Click on any picture below to check them out!  My kids are eating them up right now!  (Yes, I have jumped to St. Patty's day already.  February was just awful with snow and snow days, that I needed to MOVE ON!)  (First 2 are packets that are like my "Rockin' Around the Classroom" and "Frightfully Fun Math/LA Hunts"  I have a blog post in the works to talk about them... and how they will all be renamed to be "Get Up & Go!")
 New Word Work Choice Board (some pics have been posted on my instagram page--if you don't follow me--click on the camera at the side!):

Of course, here are some oldies but goodies that are getting used again and again by me and many other people!
{I'm actually in the process of updating this little packet!  If you purchased it, keep an eye out in the next few weeks for a revision!  It's due for a make over!}
 {We'll be starting this fluency packet in the next few weeks...  It would have started in January, but this is our FIRST full week, without delays or snow days since before Christmas!}
{We are moving on to this unit next in math.  I can't wait to get these out to use.  What a difference it makes once you have things prepared from the year before!  This unit can really be used at any time during the year}
{We just finished this unit.  We are still in the process of writing Robert Munsch.  He "writes" back!  it's pretty awesome!}
{This is still new, but my kiddos are eating this up in the classroom!  Love my little bucket fillers!}
{I still think this is my most favorite unit ever made.  I big, puffy <3 Mo.}

{We will be starting this with some of my kiddos in my reading group in a few weeks!}

{This pack is starting this week!}
{We have our fairy tale unit coming up in the next week or so---so excited to use this one again!  My kids loved it last year!}
{Ah, Skippy....  I'll be using this coming up in May.  We have an animal unit for reading---Skippy is an animal... and these books fit perfectly around Cinco de Mayo!}
{I love this unit too.  I'm going to miss it next year!}
{I've been using parts of this all year.  The kids just love Splat and Pete!}

Well, what are you waiting for?!  The sale kicks off at midnight tonight!!!!  Happy shopping! :)

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