Friday, August 10, 2012

Get to Know Me Activity--and SALE!

I'm feeling a little bit behind.  So many of you are going back to school and I still have about 3 weeks of summer left!  I feel like I'm not able to share things from my room because, well... I haven't been in there yet!

I did want to share a few things with you.  FIRST-Call me maybe CRAZY-but while on my vacation, I created and finished a big little unit for Election (or President's Day).  There are over 20 activities that I'll be using during the week of election.  Last election, my team organized a whole school Presidential Voting---so there are also ballots included in the packet with Obama, Romney and Paul listed as well as a blank line for "write ins."  Click on the picture to take you to the listing to read more about what is in it.  I'm excited about it!  (And, I promise that I'll start the October Math and Literacy stations that I've been asked about ASAP!!!!)  =)

Next, I want to share an activity that isn't new in any way, but maybe new to you!  On the first day of school, I'm going to give my firsties a little quiz.  This quiz will be a little different.  I have created (it's important to write down everything, including answers---even though it's obvious!) 25 True/False statements about myself.  Here's the part that makes it even more fun and engaging.  First, you will line up your students across the back of the room---or take them outside.  This will be played kinda like "Mother May I" or "Red Light, Green Light."  I will stand where ever I want the kids to finish.  I will read a statement about myself.  If they think it is TRUE, they will take a STEP FORWARD.  If they think it is FALSE, they will STAY PUT.  If they answer INCORRECTLY, they GO BACK TO START!  The first one(s) to make it to me is the winner!  Click on the picture to read statements I put on.  I have more trues than falses for this one so that I'm sure to get SOMEONE to me.  I am going to send home the paper to parents after we complete it in class for parents to give it a try.  (They won't need to send it back.)  I will send home answers to them the following day.  I'm hoping that this not only helps create a nice classroom culture from day one, but also a great family relationship.
Here's what I did for you!  Click on the next picture to go to google docs.  There you can download an editable version of above (with the directions in place---and one set of directions for SHE and one set for HE-both are in the same doc-and you'll need powerpoint to edit)  If you like the font I have, I used Hello Literacy's font: HelloAli

ALSO-I plan on giving my winner (or winners) a little certificate.  I am thinking that I'll be making one for everyone because I'm not quite sure I'll get an answer from my little firsties ;)  Click on the next picture to grab yourself a copy!  (I will also put the direction page there too, for those of you who do not have powerpoint.  You could do the old fashion cut and paste to get your statements on there)

LAST-If you haven't heard by now, Teachers Pay Teachers is having a HUGE sale this weekend!  I will be having my store 20% off.  Use the code BTS12 to get an additional 10% off!  I can't wait to clear out my wishlist and get some great new things for this school year!

Here are some of the newer things that I have recently placed on TPT:

Word Jails are now editable!

First day/week of school ideas/activities

I have K-5 checklists available in my store!

Lit stations/centers perfect for September!

Math Stations/Centers perfect for September!

A fun word work station activity that can be used throughout the year!


And---make sure to follow my blog because I have some more pretty exciting giveaways coming up that you will NOT want to miss!!!!!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing your All about my teacher game!

  2. Looks like you've been working hard. Your stuff looks adorable and of course, I'm loving the fonts! Within this post, thank you for adding a hyperlink to my blog when you mention "Hello Literacy's Hello Ali font". As the creator of these (free) fonts, I appreciate you taking the time to add this. Thanks!

  3. Thank you so much for the freebie!

  4. My students last year LOVED LOVED LOVED "WORD JAIL!!" They thought it was hysterical to put a word in jail because it was not spelled the way it sounds. We arrested words all year!! :D

  5. Hi,
    I am attempting to open your document titles All About My Teacher. I click on the document but I do not go to google docs. and there are no directions Please help

    1. Click on the second picture of the 2---that one will go to the google docs page. I'll try to update this later so that both go. (the blank one does go to the document--the first document is what I put about ME for my kids, which wouldn't work for everyone) Hope that helps!

  6. I am attempting to get the document titled All About My Teacher. When I click on the document as directed I only see two templates and no directions or etc. Please help.

    1. The directions are embedded in my blog post above (and also on the download on the page the kids get). Hope that helped.


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