Saturday, February 11, 2012

100th Day--Teaching on the fly!

So, I had all of these plans for our 100th day Friday, but with all the different things going on at school this year (having 3 different classes for one!) I ended up doing things on the fly!  Lucky for me the printer was next to my room-where I could print some stuff out to use!

First thing that the kids noticed was the streamers that they had to walk through on the way into the class.  They had a blast with that, and well, did have to have a few reminders about treating things properly...   After we switched for our Reading Block, we did was our usual Friday tests---spelling, vocab, etc...  Then we read a few 100 Day poems and songs.  Then-----I had each of my tables work together to complete a 100 piece puzzle!  For a week where the full moon had really influenced our days...... they worked SO incredibly well with this!  After that, I had them draw a picture of it and write a story about their pictures.  They turned out so cute!

Then I had them search for 100 words to write.  I had them broken up into groups of 10.  They found 10 short a, 10 long a, 10 short e, 10 long e, etc, etc...  And by then, it was time to switch for Math.  In Math, we started with our usual routine things, and then had some hundred day math worksheets to complete while the other half were surveying the class and then graphing what they'd like to have 100 of!  Students came up with their own choices.  They were super excited for this.  Not only do they like talking..... but using the clipboards was a special treat for this too!  I think we could just give up our desks and use clipboards every day.....  that would be a way to save some money!  ;)

Of course, that was the end of our morning and it was time for our recess, lunch and special.  In the afternoon we shared special 100th Day water bottles that they filled at home and had written clues about.  I already redid the paper home for next year to include that students should be doing the writing and to not have peanuts come in the bottle...  but they were cute.  (I also think that I will be saving my own water bottles to send with them next year too... I like having things looking similar)  We got this idea from Read, Write,

After that, they had time to write about what they would be like 100 years later.  I've always done the what they would look like at 100, but I thought I would make it 100 year LATER.  They wrote what they wanted to accomplish before that time and also things that they'd like and not like to have 100 of.  The last thing that many took home to do was a 100 search that I had created that day.  It was just 100 many different times in a word search format.  They had to find and circle all of the 100s.  So.Much.Fun! 

I actually did not leave the day with a headache as I had many times before.  Teaching on the fly sometimes gets the best out of me.  I guess I wouldn't say that it was completely on the fly.  I DID have plans.  I just strayed.  ;) 

I uploaded my file that I created to TpT.  You can see it here.  It's not that fancy, being that I didn't want to have graphics making it seem like a certain time of year.  Usually our 100th day is around Valentine's Day, but sometimes with snow--it's much later!   And of course, it's probably a little late for most people since our school starts later than everyone else. 

Hope you all had a great 100th day!  If you celebrated, what did you do to make it special?

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  1. I have your centers in my wish list waiting for my TPT points to become redeemable!!!!!


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