Monday, February 6, 2012


3 followers!  That may not sound like a lot---but I feel honored that I have 3--that found me out there in the midst of all the other wonderful blogs :)  I didn't link up with any other blog, so I really didn't expect anyone!  =)  Since I have 3, I am going to email all 3 of you my contraction unit (make sure I have your email)!  Thank you SO much for your comments and support!  I'm usually a very quite kind of person when it comes to what it is I do in the classroom, so putting it out on a blog is quite new-for school purposes other than informing parents of things.  (which is a reason I haven't even asked my teacher friends to come join me... yet....)  I've gotten such an overwhelming acceptance on the Teachers Pay Teachers website that I'm just at a loss of what to say!  Other than THANK YOU!  Whether you decided to click the "become a member" button on my blog, purchase something I've created on Teachers Pay Teachers or just have read my blog to see what I had to say! 

I hope to have more worthwhile things to share!  This week is our 100th Day fun, as well as preparing for Valentine's Day next week.  (We had our Spirit Week last week-so I'm still recuperating from that fun...)  :P


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