Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"That was SO much fun!" (and a give-a-way!)

This week we are working on comparing and contrasting again with stories and characters.  We haven't done Venn Diagrams since the fall, so it has been a little while.  Today, I had the kiddos working with partners to compare and contrast 2 stories that were out of our reading series.  They had to read and then complete the Venn Diagram together.  While this is nothing new to any teacher, I just had to share because after the activity, when the kids were headed to their daily 5---I overheard one little boy enthusiastically say, "That was SO much fun!"  Well, just wait little guy, till tomorrow when we do it again with 2 fun Groundhog books! :P  (too bad I'll miss that fun while I'm home with a sick little guy...)

Speaking of fun!  Common Core Math-----I'm a math nut.  It was always my strong point.  After redoing our curriculum this past summer, I feel like I know those standards inside and out.  And I like them, which is actually nice!  (That is, till our state "reveals" their additions this month..... and we have to figure out how to fit more things in)  My math tip/activity of the week----working with the hundred's chart--or shall I say 120 chart:  Copy a 120 chart onto colored paper and laminate.  After lamination, cut the chart apart in different ways (think puzzle) for students to put back together.  I cut it apart in strips by rows; another by columns; another cut apart diagonally (well, steps).  I make 10 different puzzles so that I can have 20 kids working at one time.  (I don't have pics to add-but will post once I do;  it's not something I've taken pics of in the past-but it might be easier to understand if a picture was added)

Tips:  I make multiple copies-but all are on a DIFFERENT color.  I have students work together the first day.  After that it becomes an activity for early finishers.  I also have them try to put it together fast.  I'll set the timer for a certain time and let them go. 

This activity has them using so many different skills-and they just think it's a fun game :)  They are working with patterns with numbers, problem solving, recognizing numbers....   Grab a copy of my "not so exciting" but useful 120 chart here: 120 Chart

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Question for those reading (something I have become more and more curious about after seeing so many blogs out there..)  How much data are you collecting and analyzing over your kids?  Please share!!!

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  1. Just found your blog! I love all of your creative products on TPT!! Thanks for the chance to win one!!!
    Amy Burton


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