Monday, February 20, 2012

Dental Health Break

Again, I had planned on having more posts on Dr. Seuss activities, but there has been a little snag in my plans on that.  We have gotten word that we are not allowed to be using Dr. Seuss or Cat in the Hat on things that we are selling, but things are a little confusing so I'm waiting to see and hear more information.  I was working on rewording things, etc, but because this just came out, I didn't want to "waste" my time fixing something that I may not have to, once things get cleared a little more.  You may see some of my products on Teachers Pay Teachers change names (maybe even a few times till things get ironed out;  we aren't supposed to have titles that are the same as someone else's too---so it gets a bit tricky)  If you have purchased anything Dr. Seuss related from me--first, THANK YOU!!  and second, I haven't created anything new-so don't buy another!!!!!  ;)

Tomorrow, our grade is going to have a "Brush, Brush, Smile" presentation where they will have some hands on learning with teeth and dental heath.  We've decided to take next week and focus on dental health, even though it really isn't in our curriculum (to at least teach it to the fullest, like in the past).  I created a quick little mini unit that I posted on TpT last week that includes at LEAST 4 days of activities that you can fit in through all subjects, but it is heavily Reading/Writing related.  I included a survey for Math and there's a page for making a collage of good and bad foods for teeth.  I am planning on blowing that page up to the large copy paper size (the size is slipping my mind right now...) and will pick up a bunch of grocery store ads for them to cut things from.    I think my favorite activity will be having the kids write their own Tooth Fairy Application.  :)  They loved writing the Elf Application at Christmastime.  Click on the picture to see it on TpT.

We did find a cute little site that we are going to use in our computer lab time.  If you have to teach your own lab like we do, check out this site:  It isn't THAT exciting, but it's a way to incorporate Dental Health into that time too!  I was thinking of having them draw a picture in KidPix and write a message related to teeth, but I need to get them "navigating" the Internet a little bit more. 

Hope you had a nice weekend-and that you were lucky enough to have some extra time to spend with family.  If not, just remember me in June, when you are out earlier and I'm still in school! :)

Thanks for all the comments and emails!  I never thought that I would have so many people enjoying things that I have either made or done in my room.  :)  I also love hearing things that you do and checking out the awesomeness that goes on!  I'd love to hear if you have any "tooth" technology things! 

I promise-there WILL be more activities related to that author who loves to rhyme and has helped SO many of our little kiddos read, once I figure out more things involved!!!!!!!  Have a great week! :)

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