Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Freebie

Click on the picture below for a copy of my Easter ABC order that is out of my Easter Literacy Packet.

On a personal note, I had quite a horrible week last week that included me, an angry man in a car and a g.u.n. (not mine-I don't own one!) and police on the way to school.  I've been keeping my mind busy and have finished my May Common Core Math Games!  Wow-are they ever rigorous!  As I have said before, I have been trying to design games that would match the difficulty of the math concepts that are being taught.  I have 12 games included and a few "enrichment" versions too!  And---it's BUGS! :P   I will be working on one more set for the end of the year, and will spend some time this summer working on the beginning of the year!  I only started doing this in January and have had such an overwhelming support from around the world that it has just motivated me to make more and make them better!  Thank you SO much from the bottom of my heart for making me a better teacher along the way too.  It's amazing what the internet can do.  Click on the picture to check out my unit in more detail!

I started a Facebook page for the blog too!  Come "like" me and get updates and links to more freebies (coming soon!)  Hopefully the link works :)  Click on LIKE or click here:

Hope you have a wonderful week.  I'm jealous of all you on Spring Break now.  We don't get things like that!  I'm looking forward to our 4 day weekend instead :)


  1. Cute stuff! I'm your newest follower. Come visit my blog

    Susie Q

  2. Oh my gosh Angie...your week did sound horrible!!!! Angry drivers are the worst! Your bugs look great!!! I can't believe you don't get a spring break :(
    Amy Burton


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