Monday, April 16, 2012

Animals-Living or Nonliving

I had quite the crazy and chaotic weekend-but that's nothing new! :P  Saturday was getting things ready for my 2 year old's party and also getting my 6 year old's baseball gear!  Sunday---PARTAY at Chuck E Cheese!  Poor Carson doesn't get to have the Gymboree party that my oldest had at his age... their cut off is age 5, and half of the guest list is now 6-8 year olds!  So, Chuck-E it was.  He was NOT a fan of all that attention and was his usual momma's boy---but that's okay.  I know one day he'll be pushing me away!

That afternoon----i had to take my 6 year old to Urgent Care (well, i was debating ER... but glad I chose UC)  He face planted himself doing flips on his rings on his swingset, while wearing sunglasses.....  he needed glue "stitches."  Getting him in the car to go was a NIGHTMARE!  But he made it there and thought glue was awesome.  Totally beats the actual stitches he had on that same eye when he was like 2....  (and by the way-I was NOT around for EITHER accident!  But was the lucky one to take him yesterday to get checked out.)  We left the house at 3 and was back all glued up by 3:50!  Urgent Care totally rocked!  I've never used them before!

Anyway---sorry for the rambling of the weekend......  

We are starting our animal unit.  We always have saved it for the end of the year so that our kiddos can take a shot at researching their animals.  This week we are focusing on what makes something living or not.  Today we discussed and brainstormed some ideas.  We discussed how it has to GROW and CHANGE on its own.  Then we went outside since it was BEA-UT-I-FUL!  We went outside to JUST observe.  They were to look for at least 4 living and 4 nonliving things.  When we returned inside, they were to draw and label their items.

Click on the picture below to grab a copy to use if would like!  It's a simple worksheet, but the kids did so well with it---and they turned out beautifully! :)  (copy the pages back to back to make a booklet)  I also let my kids color in the lettering to make it theirs.  We have content time at the end of our day and while they were getting ready to go home, they had a chance to color in the letters to make it their "own."
Thanks for reading friends!  Click to follow me on Facebook!  I'll be back in a few days to add some more things that I've been creating for our animal unit as well as some other things I have planned!  Birthday "season" is over at my house, but baseball season has just begun.  I am planning on creating one LAST batch of math and literacy centers to end out the school year------beachy style!  My Story Problem books have been updated and created through the end of the year!  Click on the pictures to see them at TpT!

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