Monday, April 23, 2012

Contests, Shapes and Summer! (Freebie and Giveaway too!)

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

I'm linking up with Manic Monday on Classroom Freebies!  Thanks for stopping by!

First, this weather we had this weekend was just completely strange!  Saturday was BEAUTIFUL!  Great day for my little one's first baseball game of the year.  Then, we weeded and mulched half of our house... Stormed... rained all day Sunday.  Rained all night.... Monday---still raining!  Thank goodness it wasn't raining at recess time!  BUT!  Now, instead of shorts and t-shirts like Saturday---I really think I need my winter coat back out!  I think I even saw that there were snow flurries possible this week!  C.R.A.Z.Y.!

Anyway-along with my giveaway this weekend-there were so many other good ones too that I entered!  I'm so excited to have won a year for the Samson's Classroom website!  I already set it up for my students to start using ASAP!   I won it from the lovely Lori over at Teaching With Love and Laughter.  Winners of our big giveaway will be announced once Trisha at First Grade Frosting has time to pick names!

This week in Math we are going to explore 2D and 3D shapes.  I created a cute little booklet for the kids to complete while they learn about the attributes that make each shape the shape it is (as well as discussing what attributes do NOT make a shape---color, size, etc..)   I also made sure to include the shapes listed in the Common Core Standards (half circle and quarter circle) and added 2 extra 3D shapes (sphere and pyramid) that weren't listed in the Common Core Standards, but felt the kids could know those too (if they don't already)!  The booklet only has them listing what the shape has and space to draw pictures of the shape.  They can draw the actual shape, or draw something that is that shape... or even bust out those magazines and have students cut and paste the shapes!  (OR-even add more technology and have the kids go on a shape hunt and they can print and glue their shapes they took pictures of!)  Click on the picture to grab your copy.  (when you print it out----in order for it to copy correctly double sided, turn every other page upside down-and make sure to keep it in order so that the 2D and 3D shapes stay together in the booklet.)

(I changed the cover of the book to have a different title since taking this pic.  I'll upload a new one once I get a chance to upload more pics!)

(Inside pages-this is actually 2 pages because you'll fold in the middle to make your booklet.)

What I am looking for when we complete the book for the "has" part-is where we'll list the number of corners, sides, points, flat sides, whether it rolls or slides, etc...

If you read this far, thank you and you might be in luck!  I have also been working on my last set of math games for the year (literacy will come after I complete this).  Of course it has a "Beach" theme!  I'm trying to tie in all of the important skills from the year that they need to know before moving on---and of course it is Common Core Aligned like all of my Math games.  Because of all the generosity and kindness out there in the blogging world, I am going to offer someone a free set once it is finished!  All you need to do is make sure you follow my blog and leave a comment about what you are looking forward to doing this summer.   (Don't forget to add your email address---or make sure to keep an eye open for when I'm finished and announce who will be the lucky one to contact me.)  :)  The contest will end when I finish the unit.  (I'm 1/2-3/4 complete) I'll pick someone at random once I am complete!  (check out my facebook page and a second opportunity to win a set!)  Here's a preview of the cover!

So far, the games included practice the skills of:  greater than/less than/equal to, graphing, meaning of the equal sign, fact families, and shape composites!  I have about 4-5 more skills I will address yet.


  1. I already am a follower and I am looking forward to spending time with my kids!


  2. I am following your blog! I am looking forward to NOT putting on make up every single day! LOL

  3. I follow your blog!! I am looking forward to going on vacation to Jamaica this summer!!


  4. Fun! I follow your blog. I'm most looking forward to just lounging around and not having so many responsibilities!

    Tales of An Elementary Teacher

  5. Thanks so much for the shapes booklet!

    Lori (
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  6. Isn't Manic Monday great, I have found so great new sites!!
    The Picture Book Teacher's Edition

  7. Hi Angie!!! I have been following your blog and love it!!! Your math games are the best. This summer...I am looking forward to hanging out with my babies EVERY day!!! I can't wait!!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Amy Burton

  8. Hi Angie,

    I found you on TPT. I'm also a first grade teacher and love finding other first grade blogs. Congratulations on your over 100 followers now! I am your newest follower.


  9. I follow your blog. I can not wait to spend time with my kids!

  10. follow your blog.... can't wait to play tennis during the day...

  11. I follow your blog and I can't wait to spend time with my kids this summer and just be a bit lazy!

  12. So cool. Thanks for your blog!!!!!!

  13. I've been your blog follower for a while. I can't wait for summer because this is my first summer in two years that I won't be in school. We're going on vacation to Carmel, CA -- CAN'T WAIT!!

  14. I follow your blog and this summer I am going to be soooo excited getting ready to go back to the classroom (2nd grade)! I've spent two years as an instructional coach and I can't wait to be back with my own class doing fun & enriching activities like yours. :)

    - Tracey

  15. I follow your blog, and I am looking forward to doing a lot of sleeping this summer!


  16. I follow your blog and I am looking forward to sleeping in, blog hopping, and catching up on reading some good books!

  17. I follow your blog. This summer I am looking forward to getting married and going to Peru!
    - Amanda {}
    Inspired in Second

  18. I follow your blog! This summer I am looking forward to spending all day with my girls and staying in my pj's:)

  19. I follow your blog!!
    ❤ Sandra
    Sweet Times in First

  20. I follow your blog in my google reader (hope that counts, too!) and am looking forward to eating fresh produce from the farmers' market!

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  21. I follow your blog of course! I'm looking forward to traveling with my bestest teaching buddy to Warsaw, Indiana to attend the All Write Consortium summer institute.

    First Grade Delight

  22. Thanks everyone! I am finished with my packet-look for a new post with a winner soon! :) (I just have to figure out how to get those cute pics up on here with the number generator....)


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