Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Earth Day Linky Party! (Freebies!)


Check out Sunny Days in Second Grade for a linky party for freebies for Earth Day!  I included my Earth Day Recycled Show and Tell------read here to get more info and to grab yourself a copy if you haven't already!   My students have actually started to bring their creations in already!  Can't wait to see them all!  :)

Have a great day friends!  


  1. Thank you so much for helping me to reach my goal of 100 followers! Your blog is pretty rockin' and I am your newest follower as well! I was offering a little give away to my 100th follower, BUT was so happy to see your comment...please let me know if there are ANY of my packets at TPT that you would like and I will gladly email it to you in celebration of reaching this little milestone! You're almost there too! Congrats!


    1. Thank you too! :) I'll take a look, and let you know! (don't feel like I don't like anything if it takes me a little---it's a bit crazy right now at my house and school with everything going on! I'm just trying to stay close to the top of the water--forget getting my head above water.)


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