Friday, July 27, 2012

Did ya know?!

So, as I was cleaning up my computer last weekend, I thought of a post to put out there to help keep things organized (which I was NOT!!)  ;)

Did ya know that if you set up a google account (it's free!) and follow blogs, you don't have to remember to bookmark them and return to see the good ideas?  Once you have an account, you have a little "reader" that has all the new posts from all the blogs you follow right there!  I didn't know that till I actually started a blog!  What does that help?  Eliminates a million, jillion bookmarks!  (which I still need to delete....)

Did ya know that once you have that google acount and you download cool freebies from our sites (that are through the google docs) it's saved in your account too???  I didn't till I started my blog....  well, it wasn't till much later that I actually REALIZED this fact-----you don't need to save it on your computer!  If you lose your hard copy, you just log into your google account and go to google docs and everything you've downloaded is there!  My desktop is now THANKING me!  I can actually SEE the cute little picture of my boys!  (Instead of looking at a bunch of overlapping files because I just had no idea what to do with them.)

Did ya know that if and when you purchase things from Teachers Pay Teachers, your purchases are saved there forever????  It's just like google docs!  No need to waste space on your computer keeping those files!

Did ya know that when you purchase something from a seller on Teachers Pay Teachers, when the seller updates the file, which most do, you can go back and download it again to get the new awesomeness???  Speaking of which---if you have purchased the Common Core Checklists from me, go back and download again!  I have a second version in the file with a less fancy font.  K-4 also has 2 duplicate sets in the file with super hero GIRLS!  (5th grade-give me a few days, if you are reading, and I should have the girls updated in yours too.  I do have the additional font updated on TPT already, if you weren't diggin' the cutesy font)  ;)  If you haven't checked out the checklists, here's one reviewer's comment: "This product is amazing!!! I have already printed it off and placed it at the front of my teaching binder! Bravo for creating such a cute and fun learning resource! Keep it up!!!"  (click on the picture to take you to my store---there you will find the checklists K-5)

Did ya know that you should delete most emails?  Most emails don't need to be read more than once!  And if it's read more than once, the second time it's read because you are deciding whether or not to delete it.....  Me <--------guilty!!!!!  This was told to us at our little in-service when we got our new laptops....  SO TRUE!  I need to live by that more!  And, if I think I may need it, I created a folder that says 2012-2013 and I will drag it into there.

Did ya know that when you leave feedback on Teachers Pay Teachers, you get credits to apply to future purchases?  Speaking of which, if you don't think I deserve a 4 on something-or aren't giving me a 4, please let me know what is wrong!  AND-if you email me, most likely I can fix it for you (if it was a problem), etc.  That doesn't mean that I can custom make things all the time, but I do like to make sure everyone is happy!  :) 

Did ya know that you have 2 days left to enter to win a bunch of really cool stuff for me reaching 300 followers?!  Click on the picture to read how and enter!

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