Friday, July 20, 2012

Must Have Picture Books/My Top 5!

I have SOO many favorite books that I like to use in my classroom.  I'm linking up with the Teacher Wife and am sharing my top 5!

In no particular order (because my top changes depending on my mood/day....  or for what I need it to teach, etc...)

1. Big Chickens (and the others that follow too---Big Chickens Fly the Coop, etc)
This is a hilarious story about 4 chickens who are "chicken" to do things.  In the first book they are running away from the wolf.  The second, they are "chicken" to leave the coop to "see the world."  I use these books to also help teach alliteration.  It's also great for teaching prediction too!  And they are just plain silly!

2.  Hooway for Wodney Wat
I read this at the beginning of the year and we talk about being kind to others and about how we are different.  This is about a mouse who cannot pronounce his "R's" and all of the other rats make fun of him, till a big bully comes into the class and he unexpectedly becomes a hero!

3.  Knuffle Bunny!
Who doesn't love Knuffle Bunny?!  I just love the graphics and story behind all of Mo's books.

4.  Chewy Louie
This is just a fun read aloud about a puppy who eats EVERYTHING!  And I mean everything---from his dog dish to the HOUSE!  They try everything to train him, but nothing seems to work.....  then at the end-------he stops?!   You have to read it to find out why! ;)

5.  My kinda new find----LMNO Peas!

This is an adorable book that I had read before, but just reintroduced myself to it at the library with my little people this past week.  It is a fun little ABC book that can actually be used many different ways in the classroom!  From pure enjoyment to teaching about careers or nouns even!  I whipped up a little activity that I'll be doing with my kiddos.    We will brainstorm all of the words that we can think of that begin with that letter that have to do with school and record it on brainstorming paper (or I may have them work in small groups to do, but I will not know which route to go until we start back up)!  Then we'll create an ABC book of "Who We Are" because at the end of LMNO Peas, the peas ask us, "Who are you?"  Click on the picture to grab this activity for yourself!



  1. Cute book choices, and I love the download! If you have some time, please stop by my blog to check out my choices for the link up!

  2. Love these picture books! Hooway For Wodney Wat is always a favorite! Thanks for the class book freebie idea!

  3. The Knuffle Bunny series is so great! My kiddos would always beg for me to read them :)

    Make sure to stop by and enter my giveaway

  4. I don't have the book Chewy Louie, but I will soon. We have a Chewy Louie at our house named Cooper. He has eaten our back porch & the mudflaps on my car just to name 2 of MANY things.

  5. I love your ABC idea! I haven't heard of that book and it sounds adorable!!! I love all of these books getting suggested in the linky party! So many books that I'll be wanting to read and check out! Thanks for sharing these!

    Reaching for the TOP!

  6. Thanks for sharing! Cute book! I have LMNO Peas so I can't wait to use your ideas! Thanks again!


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