Saturday, July 14, 2012


I don't have much time, but wanted to post my random winner from my last post.   The lucky winner is Vera!  I'll be emailing you the packet later today/tonight.  =) 

I thought I would share my answer to the question:  One of my struggles with the first day is that I feel like I bore the kids to death.  I've really started to question myself since joining the blogging world.  This year my goal is to make things a little more exciting.  Do I really want my kids' first day to be boring and filled with routines????  Yes, they are important.  But, I need to infuse my day with some fun and some moving activities.  I had a wonderful weekend class 2 springs ago where we learned all kinds of movement and brain break activities.  Amazingly they do work well to get your class to work well together and get along.  They work well for behavior.  I need to trust it more as I have now had a year and a half to use.  I was still not 100% in using it daily.  Last year it was more monthly, so this year my goal is weekly.  My other goal is to post the ideas on here for you to try too!
Also I wanted to let you know who won from my little facebook contest.  These two really know their Disney stuff!  Congrats to Lisa Morris Pragg and Veronica Maurice!  Make sure to send me your email and tell me your grade level and I'll email you your prize!  My current best seller:  the Common Core Checklist!  (Unless you already have it----let me know!!!)

Check back soon!  I have a fabulous math activity freebie that I've been working on and super excited to share and use next year!  It'll be one to get your kids up and moving!!!!!   (goes along with what I just wrote about!!!)

Have a great weekend!


  1. WOW! How exciting. Disney is my favorite place to be! I was quite envious of your pics and trying to enjoy myself through them. :) Thanks so much for the prize. I teach first grade.
    Veronica Maurice

  2. Woohoo! I was reading my blog updates and saw my name and went WHHHAA?! Thanks for the opportunity! Can't wait! The packet looks awesome!

    Thanks again,
    A BLT adventure


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