Sunday, June 16, 2013

Reader of the Day and more Skippy!

What is it?!  Each student has a day that he/she reads to the class for 5 minutes!  Simple as that, but ever so effective! 

You can run this however you would want.  In the beginning, I gave each student a day of the week.  Then we went to 6 day cycles--so I gave them each a "cycle day."  Then we moved to 4 day cycles... which didn't work out because they would be reading every 4 days.  Now, I create a monthly calendar and schedule the students to read 2 times a month.  This allows me time for them to read! 

I set a timer for 5 minutes.  They read until they finish or until the timer goes off.  Afterwards, you can have students praise the reader.  (You could do 2 praises and a push, etc.  Whatever your time allows.  Quite frankly, I just let them read.  The biggest reward of this "idea" is that they are reading.  Period.)

I used to keep track of what each student read and how well they did, but now, I just fill out a form for each student and write an encouraging note and/or recommend something for the next time they read.  (i.e.  Practice reading louder for next time!  or  Don't forget to show us the pictures!, etc.)  I've found that the real prize in this activity is the time spent at home reading. 

Give it a try! You'll be amazed at how your most reluctant readers start to shine and take off after a few times in front of the "crowd!"

Click {HERE} to grab the letter I send home and the scoring sheet I give them!

***I fixed the error that you see on the student scoring sheet!  So, when you download it, it will be a correct version... sorry folks!  My brain was FRIED!***

Also-I just HAD to let you know about this fantastic website that actually found little old me!!!!
(And, I have NO idea how I've missed it!!)  

Seriously.  If you missed out on the fantastic Kohl's Skippy stuff last year, you can get some things here!  (Of course, it's NOT $5, but, it's not at an outrageous price either!)  I am totally getting the Skippyjon Jones mask, cap and ear headband!  My kids will FLIP when I read them these books with it next year!

 Skippy Cape and MaskSkippy Ears Costume

 Are they NOT the cutest??  They also have bags that would be great to take a stuffed Skippy home in to have families write about....  Oh, the possibilities are endless!  I am just SO excited that they found me.  (And, just as excited that my blog was posted on Skippy's Facebook page!!!  holy guacamole!)

Also--I was super excited that my son's baseball game was cancelled last week.  It gave me a chance to take him and a friend to hear, none other than Judy Schachner!  (the day after we went and got her autograph at the library)  Can I tell you how amazing she is?!  She is such a fantastic speaker and I loved hearing the stories about her cats.  If she is ever near you---GO!  I was even more excited to learn how she lives somewhat close to me!!!!  Yay for PA! :)

{They wanted FRONT ROW seats!  Adorbs!}

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  1. I love your idea of having the kids read to the class for a period of time! I'm going to try this idea out this year! Thanks for sharing :)
    Learning In Wonderland

  2. I love your blog and I love your ideas. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration! ♥

  3. What an awesome idea! I totally plan to use this next year. It is a great way to incorporate the CCS listening and speaking. I wonder if there is a typo on the line about the pictures?

    1. Yikes! That was just fixed! :) It was a rough end to the school year... my brain had already left when I was updating my file! Download it again--it's fixed :)


  4. Great idea to involve parents in the reading process also. Thanks


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