Friday, June 7, 2013

Still in School...

We have a week left of school.  This past week has been quite loonngg...  if you know what I mean!  We ended today with a field trip!  Thankfully it was inside, because we are feeling the rain from the Tropical Storm Andrea..  Umm.  Isn't that a bit early?  Thankfully we only got a few inches of rain, but seriously.  We could have ended the school year like we started (if it were last year anyway!)

During our last full week, I have special days with my kids.  My favorite, by far, is Camping Day!  The kids bring in sleeping bags, books and a flashlight.  I build our enormous tent in the middle of the classroom (which I JUST realized that I didn't snap a picture this year!!)  Here's last year's pic:

{I have a packet in my store with the activities from above, but you could certainly do this without spending a dime!  If you have purchased my packet, look for an "upgrade" soon!  I'm adding a few extra pages of things that I added in this year---but probably after school is done next week.}

Reading with flashlights!  You don't have to just wait for a "Camping Day" to pull this one out!  This would be a pretty awesome class reward as well!

{Why yes.  That IS a headlamp!  Um.  Can we say SMART?!?!  lol}

This is an easy event that really you do not need a lot of prep work for.  We aren't allowed any food in school, so s'mores are out of the question--UNLESS you make "s'mores"  :P  I had my kids "roast" their "marshmallows' (cotton balls put on their pencil tips over my "fires") Then we assemble the s'more with our chocolate (construction paper) and graham crackers (cut up cardboard boxes).  Then we write how to make a s'more!  {I tried to keep their beaming smiles when I blurred their faces.  It was nothing but first grade squeals and giggles of delight!}

We do a lot of other fun stuff that is in my packet, but the last thing we do on camp day is look for the ABC's of Nature, with a partner, clipboards and our very cool "binoculars" (toilet paper rolls and decorated with duct tape!)

 {SOOOO engaged!  You'd never know that it was less than a week away from the end of school!}

Speaking of duct tape----my baby wipes containers that I have been using to organize have gotten a little makeover!  What do you think?!?!  {I still need to add labels for the containers, which are coming soon!}  If you can't tell, my "ADD" has taken over and instead of cleaning up/out my room, I'm creating MORE to do!!!  WHAT?!?!?!


 AFTER!!!  {I'm obsessed with this new tape I found!!!!!!}

Before I go, I'm leaving you with a picture of who I met today!!!!!!!  I'm also signed up to hear her speak again tomorrow with my son and his friend!  Can't wait!  (Though, we were supposed to be at his baseball game, but it was cancelled because of the rain..)

{Can NEVER get a picture with everyone looking at the same time!  It's also a little blurry... Hubby's not the best at getting clear pics...  I think it might be time for some glasses?!?} ;)

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