Friday, August 2, 2013


Well, it's that dreaded A word.  August.  I know I'm fortunate to have off another 4 or so weeks.  BUT, I feel like summer is over.  I'm linking up with Farley over at Oh Boy, 4th Grade for August Currently!

Listening.  This is what I hear daily around afternoon.  My littlest will NOT take a nap in his room.  He snuggles next to me on my bed and will take awesome naps.  {of course, my oldest isn't always fond of it, because I'm unable to escape.  He's downstairs reading, writing and of course watching TV when he's done with his "homework."  Or maybe he does love it?!?!?!?}   ;)

I am LOVING life right now!  I love being home with my kiddos.  Today was an especially good day, with no fighting, complaining... WHINING!  My professional life has been especially happy too, as I stumbled upon the Top Sellers for each state.  I found that I am the Number 1 seller in PA right now!  {Of course, I don't expect that to be for long, because there are so many fab sellers out there--but for right now, it's neat to think that I'm the best at something in the state!}  THANK you so much for all the support and love!!!!!!  XOXOXOXO

I'm thinking that I REALLY need to stop looking at everyone's stashes on Instagram!  Of course, I'm so thankful for TPT that I don't have to always watch how much things are adding up, but it's not helping me get my "game" on and have an idea of what I need to tackle when I head back to school to start setting up!  If you haven't gotten an Instagram account yet, you really should.  I LOVE it so much more than Facebook for sharing things.  Of course, right now there's not too much teaching things on there, other than people's stashes... but I'm enjoying getting to know people a little more "personally" since we're sharing things from our days!  Click {HERE} to follow me if you haven't yet!

I REALLY want a whole entire week (or more) of summer weather!  I'm SO not ready to go back.  It hasn't been hot to make me wish for that awesome September weather (and October).  I feel like it's still May or June!

Of course, speaking of weather... I could REALLY go for a get-a-way trip to the beach.  I love the relaxing-ness of it.  I want to sit and watch my kids play, listen to the ocean and look for the dolphins!  We're going to a new beach this year with my in-laws, and not hitting up my annual beach that I've pretty much gone to my entire life...  I'm a little bummed about it.  But, at least we get to go to the beach somewhere!

B2S.  1.  I've already accomplished it!  And it was on sale for 50% off!  SCORE!  Here's a pic of my new teacher bag!  I LOVE it.  It's not huge... I'm not a fan of hauling papers to and fro anymore.  Let's face it.  At my house, I'm luck that I remember my son's papers in his backpack.  I often found myself just lugging things back and forth, doing NOTHING with it!

2.  I want some new school clothes too!  I have just started getting a few things for my son.  Who is starting SECOND grade this year!  {Where has the time gone?!?!!?!?}  I've picked up a few things for me too... but nothing that has been "first day of school" ready...

3.  I also need some nice new pens.  I can never start a year without colorful pens.  And new pens, that I've never used before!  ;)


  1. Your bag is super cute! Your house sounds a lot like mine, only I've been listening to whining girls...and my 4 year old won't nap at all at home!

    I'm super excited, because I get to go spend a long(ish) weekend at my childhood beach, so I understand the disappointment at not getting to go to yours.

    I am headed off to follow you on instagram, and am also your newest bloglovin' follower! Enjoy the rest of your summer! (and congrats on being top seller in PA, how cool!)

    Kindergarten A to Z

  2. Hi Angie. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have been doing a lot of traveling and spending time with family. My kids are grown, so I try to get time with my grandchildren as often as possible. I hear you on not wanting to nap. My grandson needs someone to be beside him in the bed or on the couch in order to sleep as well.
    Enjoy your last few weeks of summer. Congratulations on your top seller ranking.

    Charlene/Diamond Mom
    Diamond Mom's Treasury


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