Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Writing Stationary

I wanted to share my most favorite part of my classroom, of course, I do not have an actual picture of my table right now, since school does not start for a few more weeks for me.

The writing table is my favorite because it's where I get to know my kids more.  They practice their reading and writing all while telling me bits and pieces of themselves!  {Of course, you will get to know some of your kids a little TOO much sometimes!!!!}  I've had kids tell me that their parents are never going to have another baby... or that they might adopt and that they hope they adopt a child from China.  Or that they aren't afraid of Zombies and if they come, they come!  hahaha!

I like to keep things simple and routine with my students.  It eliminates the need for them to ask me questions.  My kids write at the writing table DAILY.  That's right.  DAILY!  I gotta say, it is difficult to keep up with ALL of their writing and sometimes I find myself reading through a few days' worth by the end of the week.  How I keep sane:  I don't edit them AT.ALL.  I tell parents at the beginning of the year that I will not be editing these types of pages, 1.  Because I just don't have time, really.  And 2. It's important to just give them time to write and practice skills and just not have to worry about "being right."

I also allow my students to pick things to write there after they are done with a writing assignment (during our specific "writing time") and it's also another place they can visit if they get "free time."   During indoor recess, the table fills quickly and I have lots more taking pages back to their seats.  If there's one thing about first graders----they never run out of things to write about!  hahaha! 

I only have examples of the END of the year-but you can see how far they will come!

I just redid ALL of my stationary.  I am IN.LOVE. with them!  Check out a few:

 I LOVE this one.  If I ever hear my kids say that they DON'T know what to write about, they use this page to write everything they know about why they don't know what to write about!  HAHA!  I wish I had some examples for ya, but I didn't think to take pictures last year.  I know that a few of my littles would write that "I already wrote about xxx.  I already wrote about xxxx."  Or, they'll just write that they didn't do anything last night, etc.  But the important thing is that they are still writing!

My pack has 2 versions for each page.  One with lines and one without.  I start my year with no lines.  It's such a great way to show their development over time.  There are 15 (30 since each are doubled) pages for everyday use.  These can be out all year if you'd wish.  I rotate them.  But I always have the 3 above out.  They love the Good News/Bad News and Everything I know about...

I then have 15 (a little over 30 because a few of these pages have variations with graphics to make it not so specific to certain holidays) SEASONAL pages.  These pages are designed to keep out during the month, just to "spice" things up a little!

Click on the picture to see this in my store!

AND!  The best part!  If you are one of my lucky Facebook followers----you can download a few pages of this for Free in my Freebies for Fans section!  {Click on the Pic to head to my FB page!}

{Fingers crossed it all works!!!!!!!!}


  1. Thank you for the wonderful stationary!!!

  2. Any student would want to share their thoughts. THANK YOU!

  3. I wrote about you in my post today. Thought you might want to take a look.
    Thank you for the FairyTale unit. I can't wait to begin.
    First Grade Carousel

  4. Super cute. :) This is a nice way to prompt without being really specific and still letting the kids select their topics.

    Forever First Grade


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